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  • Crossfit is just getting weird.

    • cia


  • blithe

    P 90 XU – the URBAN version!

  • Jlemonsk

    You might find one on the floor. But I’m telling you, I brought this lollipop from home.

  • DropandGiveMeTwenty

    Instead of off-loading trains metro is piloting a new approach to publicly shaming riders who break the rules…

  • Jb

    Jim illustrated what every metro rider feels wmata is asking them to do with each new fare hike.

  • LP

    Nick kissed the train floor as soon as it started moving after hearing “off-load” and “door malfunction.”

  • PG

    “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

  • Daniel

    Let the Hipster Games begin!

  • Ben

    Downward Facing Commuter: WMATA pilots on-board yoga classes to generate additional revenue

  • Dude. This is not time for push ups. We’ve got about 30 minutes to get to VA before this dead body starts stinking up the joint. Start acting cool.

  • So wait, the Metro has a Washington Sports Club but there isn’t one near my house…that’s so unfair.

  • Jim quickly learned his lesson to hold onto the bar while the trains are being manually operated.

  • Stop embarrassing me. I told you to plank not do downward facing dog.

  • I dare you to do 25 of them during rush hour when the doors are about to close.

  • bb

    It’s always difficult to figure out which direction Mecca is down here…

  • lemon

    Now who said the metro can’t be fun?!?!

  • That ‘plank’ seems warped.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, Dad. You’re embarrassing me.

  • The lone runner left at the start of the metro car races. Understandably confounded by the velvety lushness that is the metro carpet.

  • sdej

    As a proof of concept, Jeremy demonstrated that some dogs, namely the “downward” variety, were indeed allowed on Metro.

  • Jordan

    In an effort to find his lost keys, Brian decided to follow timeless advice and retrace his steps:

    “Ok, they were right here in my pocket while I was doing my morning handstand on the metro…”

  • Due to rising fare hikes, most Metro riders have to bend over to take it…the train that is.

  • Craig E.

    “If this doesn’t get us on Unsuck DC Metro, I don’t know what will!”

  • JBloomDC

    I spend so much time on METRO – it’s cutting into my workouts, so I thought – why not!?

  • CW

    I lost my dignity! Don’t just stand there, help me find it!

  • Anonymous

    Planking: You’re doing it wrong.

  • apaige

    “Damn track maintenance won’t make me miss my morning downward facing dog”

  • EWWW! You eat with those hands?

  • Kate

    Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign has finally gone too far.

  • Ronald

    If that driver doesn’t start moving I’mma gas him out.

  • anonymous

    Scheduled track work(out) on the Red Line.

  • Anonymous

    Busking in DC still has some ways to go.

  • anon

    Unlike most reunions, running into your old drill instructor kinda sucks…

  • JSW

    All hail metro, lord of unreasonable delays!

  • Face down, ass up! That’s the way I like to… commute.

  • standupalive

    after hearing that the dupont escalators were still out, doug thought it best to do a little warm up.

  • Cruciverbalist

    Jim, ever the obedient one, took the Please Do Not Lean On Doors admonition a bit too far.

  • Anonymous

    In the land of the vertically challenged the blind man is king!

  • Nervously toying with the stylish lanyard that held the keys to the safe house, Eric counted his blessings that this drunken jock’s antics were distracting the other passengers from the fact that he was absconding with the prized centerpiece of the Smithsonian’s Egyptian collection in his black canvas bag.

  • Frenchie311

    “Ignore this…”

  • Frenchie311

    “Hey… hey buddy! Hey! Hey, you there! Hey! HEY!!! Buddy, look at me. Look at what I’m doing! Hey! This is awesome, look at what I’m doing! Hey, man… look at me! Check this out! Hey! Hey buddy…”

  • Members of the Guardian Angels do a little training while on their way to the Caribbean Festival.

  • Justin

    The snozberries on the floor of this metro car really do taste like snozberries.

  • Bloomingdale

    “Maybe if I get down and pray to the Metro Gods my train will be on time”

  • hudson1425

    Not gonna fall for it again. The last time I got down for this “see if you can do this move” stunt, the guy grabbed my wallet and ran out the door!

  • MsKitty

    C’mon, wheelbarrow me!

  • Galen

    With WMATA raising costs, Jim and Tom decided to cut their gym memberships and instead kill two birds with 1 stone.
    Jim went for yoga, Tom went with aerobic poll dancing.

  • Allergeez

    Timmy interprets the placard “These Seats are Reserved for the Elderly and Disabled” poorly.

  • mmg323

    wmata has teamed up with the first lady to address her claim that obesity is a national security threat because 1 in 4 young people are too overweight to join the military.


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