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Pie Sisters Shooting for a TV Series in Georgetown

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2012 at 1:30 pm 25 Comments

Pie Sisters via piesisters.com

Dear PoPville,

From the annals of Not a Surprise: I stopped in to Pie Sisters this evening, and the place was filled with camera equipment. They’re apparently shooting a pilot (or rather, a reel, with which I guess they will try to get a pilot — I don’t know how these things work). Despite my distaste for the concept of opening a business to get a reality tv show, they do make delicious pies. The key lime is amazing, but it’s really the exceptional crust that makes them so good.

Pie Sisters is located in Georgetown at 3421 M St, NW. You can see their menu here.

Does Georgetown have room for two sister owned dessert centric television reality series?

  • anonnnnn

    wow, what an original idea.

  • Florista

    I predict pies – and hopefully cupcakes – will flame out. Unfortunately, just not sure when and it’s been long enough already. Even though I love pie (prefer my own to bakery-purchased).

  • DCDave

    I agree this will fail but at least the sisters are cute….

    • Anonymous

      This is why the show will be picked up. And am I the only one who finds the name Pie Sisters to be vaguely porno (and cheesy)? Another reason the show will be picked up.

      • ah

        “Vaguely”? More than that.

        Suffice to say, that if there’s a reality show called “Pie Sisters” there will be, within days, various porn movies also called “Pie Sisters”.

        • Anonymous

          Queue the bad disco and bring in the hairy pot-bellied guy: “Hey Ladies, what kind of pie are you serving today?”

  • Anonymous

    When will people learn that DC as a whole is NOT made for reality television?? On the political side, real Washington insiders/a-listers wouldn’t be caught dead on a reality show for fear of damaging their career and/or reputation. They simply don’t need to pander to the reality show watching ilk for attention or exposure. And no one gives a toss about everyday, average people making a grab for their 15 minutes (that means YOU cupcake makers, pie makers, so-called Real Housewives, DJs, entrepreneurs, whatever….). Stop. Just…..stop.

  • They will get a “bite” from some network. Lets be real, they are attractive women and there are a ton of channels who have 24 hours of reality tv to fill.

  • American Dnozzles

    My soul aches as I watch the train wreck of this grand US experiment. Being book-ended by commercials for Viagra and 4G service is the highest ambition of our citizens? Go to therapy and resolve the attention-monger defect, don’t feed that nasty beast with a pseudo-life written by frustrated network interns.

  • Eric

    I mean this is crazy. The pies are average in taste and way over priced. They need to be original, this is a terrible idea.

  • 14thstgal

    Um, no. It barely has room for one.

  • Anonymous

    They’ll get a show and it’ll do well. They are babes.

  • SF


  • Lame as usual from Georgetown, glad they are in their own world over there.

  • Petticoat Junction 2.0?

  • dave b

    Pies are at least good. Cake/cupcakes are so far down the desert totem pole. Ice cream, water ice, brownies, cookies, donues are great. Maybe pie too. Even some frozen yogurt. I never feels as though i miss something by passing up a cake/cupcake. I can’t believe so much of the population has been foisted into wanting to eat them.

    That being said, I’m assuming these pies will be 30 bucks like Dangersously Expensive Pies. I don’t care what anybody says but there is no way that Harris Teeter pies, which can be as low as $5, are ~6 times worse. I actually think they are better. I didnt even like the cherry pie and blueberry pie I had at DEP. The former was super tart, the latter had zero taste.

  • JenDC

    Geez, what a bunch of snobs you all are!

    I’m not a reality tv fan – but hey, let’s face it, lots of people eat it up. These woman are entrepeneurs and as such need to do everything they can to stay in the game – blogs, FB, Twitter, whatever. It’s awfully nice to turn up your nose if you’ve got a steady paycheck/don’t have to make payroll, but these women are in a niche business with a lot of competition.

    Will it get picked up? Maybe – as someone mentioned, there are hours and hours of cable programming that need to be filled, and reality tv is fast and cheap to produce. Will it be a success? I doubt it, but if they can get someone to pay them for a year’s worth of free infotisements, good for them. They might be able to work it into promotional appearances or larger service contracts. Will I watch it, even if its on for a dozens seasons? Probably not – but I’m sure they could care less.

    We’re all so quick to criticize how local businesses design their interiors, price their menus, maintain their premises, integrate into neighborhoods, etc…and happy to discuss how big chains like Best Buy are doomed for the dustbin…and yet when a local player tries to move forward in the game – the HORROR!

    I’ve got a few friends running their own businesses, and now more than ever they have to market themselves 24-7. (I’m not suggesting it’s the only way you have to be good – otherwise Cake Love would rule – but it’s got to be part of your game.)

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Draw your brakes, Scottie!
      No one is criticizing these women for trying to get their mugs and pies on TV. If anything, the criticism is of the unimaginative network types who will probably decide that whatever it is they are doing is interesting enough to warrant a “reality” show, which undoubtedly will be indistinguishable from all of the other dessert shop reality shows. It’s an extremely smart business move on the sisters’ part. Nothing like the prospect of seeing yourself on TV to make customers queue up to get into a store.

  • eric_in_ledroit

    how hilarious is it that they are described thusly on their website:

    “The three tall sisters from Great Falls, VA have been baking pie for as long as they can remember.”

    “Tall” sisters? LOL.

    • ladylover

      They are tall. I have met them before. Like 6’2 stunningly beautiful, really really tall.

  • dave b

    food quality = (100/attractiveness) + bodyweight

    this pie will be bad unless all three simulaneously touch the pie at all times during preparation

  • I just passed this storefront the other day and (as a pie lover over cakes), note to self, get there to try it before it hits TV!! Kudos to Georgetown Cupcakes for making it in TVland, but Baked and Wired and others are so much better! I don’t know why these tourists waste their time…power of TV/media I presume! I acknowledge it’s all in the marketing though so more power to ya! But all in perspective of the foodies and patrons I suppose.

  • KR

    Not a fan of Pie Sisters…they gave us pretty bad service, and they’re not nearly as good as Dangerously Delicious.

  • Anonymous

    DC has a reputation for being a crime-ridden slum that’s full of ugly people. If a reality show featuring beautiful women in a vibrant part of the city can change that perception, I’m all for it.

  • [email protected]

    In the real pie wars back in the day, they planted a bomb under our factory in Richmond to slow our expansion. They put nails in our pies to create liability litigation and hurt the family reputation, the burned our facilities, overturned our pie deliver wagons, and poisoned delivery horses,  big corporations tried to run us out of business, and family members were bribed to give insider information in attempted take overs.  
    We will succeed because for us it is about honoring our family, raising funds for the community, and because we come from working class people, our first job paid .65 cents an hour. We are building up the brand, doing catering, wholesale, farmers markets, special events, direct to the consumer during holidays, and to groceries store, on-line, food wagons, smart app, bakeries, and eateries. We are not silver spooned folks who transplanted here and pretend that our heritage is Georgetown. We helped build and preserve Georgetown and we are not counting on daddy, or granddaddy, or outside investors in the hopes (for a reality show)that our products may sell enough pies at $37.00 each to make a storefront overhead of $25,000+ a month vanish. We are doing it for to honor our family past and its service to this day to our country.
    This slogan was and is our family creed since 1886
    Ask For, Insist Upon
    and Except No Other
    We have modified it by adding this line for our re launch.
    Profits for the Community!
    Michael C. Copperthite
    Honored family member to bring real quality pies as we did back in the day to the people of Washington.


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