• Anonymous

    Glad you posted this PoP. The nationals are 9-3 and in first place but only 17,000 fans went to the game last night. Hope more people will go and take advantage of this great ball park, which still has reasonably priced seats. No, I don’t work for the Nats. I just love baseball and want to see the team succeed.

    • ew


    • caballero

      I’m on board too. I’ve been to a couple of games already, and I’ve heard every game on the radio. It’s a good time to become a Nats fan, because they have a bright future, especially with their dominant pitching staff. I look forward to some playoff baseball in DC in the coming years, maybe even this year.

      • saf

        See, here’s something I love. I love baseball. We’ve got a 20 game package, and have had it since they got here.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you. I sprung for season tickets this year and was pleasantly surprised for the Reds series – park was pretty full. I’m going to chalk up this week’s poor showing to the 10-game home stand coupled with the unexciting Astros coupled with weeknight games competing with the Capitals. Don’t lose hope yet!


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