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  • anonymous

    I dropped by for brunch this Sunday, didn’t even know they were doing brunch. SO GOOD. Tried the apple cheese pancakes and the Gentleman Will Take a Chance, both were really tasty, though the latter could’ve used some toast or bread or something. The pancakes weren’t at all what I was expecting, but so delicious. Also tried the pastry basket. Three different kinds of pastries, two of each, all really good. They also gave us free cups of their boozy Sunday punch. I got there a little past noon and it was pretty empty. Not sure how busy they are for dinner and late-night, but I hope they stick around. I was definitely pleasantly surprised and will be back.

  • love boundary road

    It would nice if they would update their hours on their facebook page. They have been open for lunch for weeks, and started brunch a couple of weeks ago, but then maybe they really don’t want customers.

  • $10 for granola and yogurt seems a bit steep to me…but then again, I’m not hip to the brunch scene.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Brunch is a venue where people take the opportunity to get drunk on Sunday while blowing $40 on greasy, salty food that would cost $8 to make at home.

      The $10 granola and yogurt is for the person who was invited to come along but doesn’t want to wreak havoc on their digestive system.

      • AG

        fine by me. they should pay for being so lame.

  • Sully

    Is it pregant me or does corn beef benedict sound like the best benedict ever?

  • classic_six

    For some reason, I want to confuse this with Boundary Stone…I know, different place, different neighborhoods.


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