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  • Anonymous

    I didn’t have much hope for this place, but it looks like they’ve done a respectable job of keeping with the typical architecture of the area.

    • CoHigh

      Don’t have much hope? What does that even mean? It’s a building, not a sports team, a racehorse or a dream.

    • CoHigh

      Nevermind I misread what you wrote. Sorry

  • Guy Next Door

    Granted I do not know the condition of the house at the time it was torn down, however, it is unfortunate that it is gone and that potentially it couldn’t be moved to a new location. I am assuming it was torn down and that it was rehabitable (not a word).

    • If you know nothing about the original house, then it’s hard to see how you could pronounce its demolition unfortunate. It was a dilapidated pile, and very cheaply constructed compared to other structures on the street. It looked like a crappy falling-down farmhouse.

      The new place is a good addition. It resembles other buildings on the block, and does a good job of blending in. I live a stone’s throw from it, and look at it many times a day. I’m happy with it.

    • Kumquat

      I don’t know why people feel compelled to post based on no knowledge whatsoever. The house wasn’t torn down, it was massively expanded. If you look at the structure you can still see the delineation between the old building and the new construction.

      • Flatsix

        Well to be fair all that remains is a small portion of the original side wall facing 13th St. Nothing on the inside remains. In fact, they had a large collapse during demo of a couple of floors, and had to bring in a crane to pull debris out.

        • Kumquat

          They kept most of the outer shell on all four sides although little of it is still visible and is now interior walls. I don’t really know why they bothered — maybe they weren’t expecting the insides to collapse.

  • Looks good to me. It’s obviously new construction, but it appears to be of quality and the style is in keeping with the area.

  • jeanne

    I think it looks so beautiful compared to what was there.

  • PKS

    If you look at the center of the building you can see the original house that was there. It was incorporated into the design, as much as it could be;-) I think that they did a great job!


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