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  • I don’t like this one. It looks like an office building.

  • classic_six

    Is this a house? It lacks the warmth and personalization of what I tend to think of as homes. I thought it was a new gallery for contemporary art, possibly. Anyway, the thing that I do love and that I think they got right was how they have levels of where they plant trees and bushes, to create layers in the landscaping, which I think is cool and they did it well.


    A relative of mine lives next door to that house, and while I think it is a nice house, the design is out of place in that neighborhood which consists of stately mansions.
    I believe it is owned by the founder of BET and that used to be Jack Kent Cooke’s property.

  • anonymous

    This looks great!

  • Anonymous

    These pictures do no justice to this “home”. It really is more like a museum. Anyway it’s much nicer and I have always been curious about it. Does anyone know who currently owns it? Could we get any pictures of the inside?

  • anonymous

    BENOURIS is close – I believe this home belongs to Debra Lee, the CEO of BET.


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