• JRo64

    Yes, it’s a great addition to the neighborhood. You should have gone around the back to see the three decks, including the rooftop on. :)

  • This is fantastic! Is this a single family? I remember when we first moved to B’dale in 2005, there was a sign out front advertising that it would become condos. Nothing happened for years. If it is a single family, I am so jealous of the end unit, garage, depth sha-bang going on here….

  • Wow. Love the green accent. I would love to see a bit more of it.

  • Anonymous

    such a beautiful house.

  • kd

    Yes, extensive reno indeed. It took over a year to complete, but it is looking fantastic now! they added that garage and the front porch. It is a single family res.

  • Anonymous

    I usually don’t have a problem with brightly-colored rowhouses, but that neon yellow color didn’t even exist in nature when that house was built!!! It’s a little over the top.

  • ~

    It looked as though it would be three condos from the way it was designed. I have been looking at it for a long time too, and was very disappointed to not see it on the market lol. I wanted to sneak a peek at the penthouse! I never say it listed anywhere, people just moved in one day : )

  • This is on the street I live on! I’ve been watching the renovation happen slowly over the last year or so and hoping they’d have an open house at the end of it so I can check out the inside. But no luck (unless I missed it?).

  • mmk

    i don’t think you missed an open house. we met the owner briefly while walking by. didn’t get all the details, but she bought it and redid the whole thing to live in herself, not to re-sell it. so i don’t think there’d be any reason for an open house. i’m in love with the paint job. the pops of chartreuse are so clever and stylish!

  • cp

    This house is a block away from our crib. LOVE IT. The transformation is incredible. The roof deck is to die for.

  • I live a block away from this, and walk past it every day. And by “walk past it every day,” I mean, “suppress a surge of jealousy for anyone who ends up owning this.” It’s spacious and gorgeous from the outside, and no doubt even more fantastic inside.

  • JohnDC

    I second this. It’s really an amazing renovation.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous in every way! Amazing job.

  • This is my house!

    Woke up this morning to something I had dreaded might happen- had an email saying my house was on PoP. LOL But the comments have been great – thanks! I love my house, I love my neighbors, and I love DC (most days). It’s been a lot of work, but I have gotten such great support from the neighborhood. Every compliment should go to my architect – Jason Cornelius – who deserves sainthood, as does my husband.

    And big thanks to PoP – my daily lesson of life in DC!

    • mmk

      You have amazing taste! Thanks for making the neighborhood even more beautiful.

    • i heard that you were turning this into a pizza place with a sushi lounge on the roofdeck. no? the side yard is perfect for a bocce pit.


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