• Anonynony

    Pruning fail

    • ah

      +1, although as next poster notes warm winter has led to rapid growth of roses this Spring.

  • classic_six

    It looks like a home-made or a make-shift trellis. To be fair, the winter-spring weather has been the right mix for rose bushes; the seem to be flourishing like mad all around the city (no fertilizer required – heh). It’s a little much for my taste as is but has potential.

  • ET

    I had a rose bush that I did away with a number of years ago. Thing grew like a weed. One day it was manageable, by the next day I had to get out the clippers and assorted protective gear.

    Was beautiful and the flowers smelled wonderful but was special needs and was not in a good place so it had to go.

  • pru

    Warder St and Sherman ave both have gorgeous rose bushes, house after house, right now.

  • There’s a massive rose bush on 11th (sort of near Wonderland) that I was admiring the other day … big purple-y flowers. but these put that one to shame.

  • Trey

    1st, roses are tacky
    2nd, they should never be planted in the front yard
    3rd, roses are tacky

    • Anonymous

      Why, why, and why?

  • So are rosebushes difficult to grow or not?

    I’ve heard they’re difficult… but I keep seeing rosebushes thriving on my street in locations where I don’t see anyone taking special care of them. (Though maybe they’re tending them when I’m not around, like during the daytime on weekdays.)

  • Anonymous

    Yes the trellises are home made and maybe “makeshift.” The roses have survived for close to thirty years and have not been drastically pruned as most idiots think that they should be.
    They have been the same regardless to what kind of winter we’ve had. Truly, they are even better when the winter is colder.
    Tacky? not in front yard?


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