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  • Anonymous

    This means it’s all Kosher? Awesome!

  • bb

    As predicted, they managed to find a way to make koshary too expensive. Not as bad a price point as I would have expected for Georgetown, but still…

    • GataGordita

      G’town rent, staff to make food and keep place clean, cost of goods, profit… I can see $9 but how much do you feel it should be? This isn’t the curb in Cairo.

    • Kate

      I get the irony of a “peasant’s dish” that’s $2-3 in Cairo being almost $10 here, but that’s kind of a dumb complaint. For DC that’s still a pretty good price point for a meal – and I don’t have to fly all the way to Egypt to get it. Can’t wait to try it out.

      • auc

        2-3 dollars for kosheri?Try more like 50 cents at most


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