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  • classic_six

    “Free Ham Alert”

    PoP, I love that.

  • I had the 5J Jamon Iberico at Vinoteca (11th & U) a few weeks ago — it was unlike anything I’d ever had, and I mean that as a compliment. So, so delicious.

  • 17thSter

    As someone who worked to get jamon iberico into the USA, I will state that it is the Caviar of pork. Run, not walk to try the 5J. It is top of the line jamon. Not something you’d eat every day, but well worth the money on a special occasion.

  • Anonymous

    I ham very happy about this!

    • Peter

      I see myself pigging out at this event.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the 4L, but I didn’t even know they were exporting the 5J to the United States this year. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of this.

  • Anonymous

    JAMON! JAMON! I am salivating!

  • Wow, I will definitely be there!

  • ah

    So if the normal menu portion costs $32 (and I doubt is a whole ham) how tiny are the slivers of jamon being served for free?

    • Timothy

      More to the point, how many tiny slivers does one get for $32?

      • Anonymous

        It can’t be much! This stuff is so rare and special that they probably paid thousands of dollars for the chunk of it they were able to import from Liberia.

        • Peter likes puns

          Liberia … or El Iberia?

        • anonymous rex

          Liberian ham — explains why they are giving it away.


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