Fiddler on the Roof in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth April 17, 2012 at 11:00 am 10 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

I saw this guy “Fiddling on the Roof” across from the Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan last night around 7:30. I chatted with his roommate who was down on the street, and he said he will be playing on his roof right before sunset every Sunday from now on, weather permitting. Pretty cool!”


  • Alex

    I love stuff like this. We had a guy in my neighborhood who used to play his trumpet around sunset in the summer time in Spielberg Park. It brings a certain peace to the neighborhood.

  • Amazing, neighbor. See you next Sunday :-)

  • Nice Marmot

    There’s a great episode of This American Life about a guy in New York who performed Sinatra-covers on his stoop. His neighbors loved it, and the concerts became a great part of the neighborhood fabric. I’m glad there are people like that here, too. It’s why I love walking by Meridian Hill Park on a Sunday afternoon and hearing the drum circle. Keep it up, fiddler!


  • Ward One Resident

    There’s a guy who lives across the alley from me who plays the maracas. It’s pretty cool except when he does it without clothes on..

  • That’s great!

    I no longer live in Adams Morgan, but I might have to make a strategic visit to the neighborhood some Sunday night. :)

  • I saw him on Sunday evening. It was awesome!!

  • anonymous

    Sounds like an upbeat version of “The Cellist of Sarajevo,” a book about a guy in war-torn Sarajevo who plays his cello one day for each victim of a bombing. It’s very much a testament to the civilizing power of music. More here:

    In a city ravaged by war, a musician plays his cello for twenty-two days at the site of a mortar attack, in memory of the fallen. Among the strangers drawn into the orbit of his music are a young father in search of water for his family, an older man in search of the humanity he once knew, and a young woman, a sniper, who will decide the fate of the cellist and the kind of person she wants to be.

  • Identified

    He was just beginning as I walked by, so I stopped and listened for a few – he is (to my tone deaf ears) quite good. Nice to know this will be a return feature – the people who stopped to listen had a nice time of it.

    Thanks Fiddler!

  • Caroline

    It’s not quite the same thing, but I love the guy in my neighborhood that whistles a tune every evening while walking his dogs. Now that the weather’s nice a hear a lot of piano drifitng out of open windows as well. I love that kind of thing and was thinking I should dust off my flute one of these days.

  • Anonymous

    Those houses are so tiny it’s probably the only place he can actually draw the bow all the way! Can’t wait to hear him.


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