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Dear PoPville – What’s Coming Next to Belga on Barracks Row?

by Prince Of Petworth April 3, 2012 at 1:30 pm 19 Comments

Yesterday a reader tweeted the photo above and asked:

@PoPville do u know whats going in beside Belga on 8th St SE?”

Back in Nov. 2010 we learned that Capitol Video Sales was closing at 514 8th Street, SE and a new restaurant called Pacifico would open in the space. From their liquor license application:

“New Restaurant, Latin tapas, open grill, salads and contemporary cooking with recorded music.
Seating Capacity is 120. Total occupancy load including Summer Garden is 185. Sidewalk Café with seating for 30.”

Looks like they’ll have a great roof deck too. This is another restaurant from Xavier Cervera who also owns Lola’s Barracks Bar & Grill, Molly Malone’s, the Chesapeake Room, Senart’s Oyster & Chop House, Boxcar Grill, the currently being renovated Hawk n Dove, and the Park Tavern restaurant coming to Navy Yard.

Nov. 2010

  • Identified

    In 15 years, 10 people are going to own all the restaurants and bars in this city.

    Owning 8 restaurants in the same neighborhood? Weird.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and don’t the Matchbox guys own a few on Barracks Row too: Matchbox, Ted’s, DC-3?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I wonder how long it will be until one of his places runs one of the others out of business.

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering about the structure on the roof. Do you know for sure that it’s part of the new Xavier place? That would be very exciting if it is! We have a dearth of roofdecks on Barracks Row.

  • ET

    I sort of wish someone other than Xavier Cervera would open a place. All his places feel the same and often the food doesn’t seem all that different and so I sort of feel why bother going to any of them.

    • Anonymous

      The guy has a solid formula– I think he should apply it to a neighborhood that could use a well-run, basic restaurant. The Navy Yard location is a good move, but what about some other struggling neighborhoods?

      • monkeyrotica

        The reason those neighbhorhoods are “struggling” is because they still have too many hobos who can’t afford “Latin tapas” and wild boar stew. Once they’ve got that problem licked, look forward to Xavier swooping in to work his reasonably priced, darkwood panellled, completely unimaginative magic.

    • monkeyrotica

      I thought it was odd that every place I was stopping at was serving wild boar stew. Then I realized they were all owned by Xavier.

      • Anonymous

        Haha, I know right? I guess if one place runs out of wild boar they can just run down the street to borrow some more.

    • Anonymous

      This. And I can’t find anything I like on any of their menus!

    • Rukasu

      The formula is this:

      Mahogany the shit out of everything

  • monkeyrotica

    “Latin tapas” = Doritos with pimento cheese.

    Looking forward to dining in this place which will look EXACTLY like every single one of Xavier’s other places. No matter how wasted you are, you will never, ever lose your way to the bathroom.

  • Anonymous

    Barracks Row = Georgetown SE

    • Alex

      No, it’s where people who used to live out their heydey in Georgetown come when they decide to grow up and have kids.

      • Anonymous

        you haven’t been to georgetown in a while, huh?
        beyond m or wisconsin, i mean.

  • Alex

    I want to hate on Xavier so bad, but every time I try one of his places I find something good about it. For instance, Boxcar Tavern’s entries are surprisingly good, and a good deal at that.

    • Anonymous

      Opposite problem here. He really doesn’t seem to care much about vegetarians.

  • jch

    maybe pacifico is gonna have the roof deck and allow Belga Cafe to continue to use a majority of the sidewalk space for their tables. looking at the picture, it looks like the roof deck extends accross both building, the only thing on top of belga is their ac unit. and not pictured is how belga currently sets their tables up to extend into the capitol sales front.

  • SE

    long ago I recall hearing that Belga was trying to get the rooftop…I don’t like the way Belga looks crowded out by another cookie cutter xavier cervera establishment. I’m sure he’s a nice enough person but it’s kinda sad to have one person’s style begin to dominate the barracks row.


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