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Dear PoPville – No Parking for the Rest of the Year!?!??!

by Prince Of Petworth April 25, 2012 at 11:00 am 17 Comments

Dear PoPville,

When I came home this evening, I noticed “Emergency No Parking” signs surrounding Cardozo High on the 13th St and Clifton sides. Apparently, there will be no parking permitted for the remainder of the year. I don’t remember being alerted of this in advance, and parking is
already hard to find most evenings. Do you know whom to call/email/visit to lodge a complaint and be heard (after the fact) on this matter?

Cardozo High School is undergoing a significant renovation and plans on reopening in August 2013. I’m surprised they didn’t alert resident of parking restrictions for such a long period. Was anyone else alerted to these restrictions?

  • la_niña

    The school is going to go through some major remodeling. The permits have been granted and they need this area since there is almost nowhere they can stage within Cardozo High.

    • anon

      No where else they can stage? The grounds of Cardozo are HUGE – they have plenty of space on the grounds themselves. The parking lot on the 13th street side is perfect for staging needs.

      I have no auto, so, no dog in this pony race.

      • EH

        They can’t use the parking lot on 13th because they will be constructing an enormous edition on it.

        • EH

          errr….. addition. Sorry!

  • At what time on New Year’s Eve will this restriction be lifted? I need to put it in my planner.

    • Anonymous

      The sign indicates that 12:31:12 is the time the restriction will end. Not sure if that is AM or PM.

  • Ward One Resident

    Emergency “No Parking” signs must be posted at least 72 hours in advance of when they go into effect. They are now all supposed to include a permit number and the name of the department/contractor doing the work. These are clearly illegal. You may park there without getting a ticket. You may also remove them since they aren’t legal signs. I would contact DDOT and/or the Grahamstander’s office and your ANC to get these signs removed until they can be properly posted. Not saying that it still won’t be for a year to allow for the construction, but at least they will be properly posted and will give you an avenue to contact someone should there be some sort of issue in the future.

    • tk

      I just recently got a ticket for parking at a handwritten sign like the one in this post. I took a picture of it (no permit #, no contact #) before parking there and then took the sign down. Can I use this picture as evidence and protest the ticket?

  • That’s not a city issued Emergency No Parking sign. All legal Emergency No Parking signs in the district are issued by the DDOT, are printed (not handwritten), and have to have a permit number and contact number. The poster of the sign (the construction company probably) should be going through legitimate channels and applying for permit. The poster can be fined for posting illegitimate Emergency No Parking signs.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely the construction company. Construction companies in DC are notorious for this. One was doing work on my block and rehung expired signs for weeks on end with printed labels stuck over the dates DDOT actually permitted. They did the same thing with the construction permits.

      One word of caution since you’ve reported them. Sometimes this can be counterproductive. When the aforementioned construction company was caught doctoring their permits, they were fined and ordered to stop construction, but they still left their equipment in the middle of the road, and their trailers and fencing up. For parking permits, yes, get them to do it right. But be careful where you pick your battles if you’re living next to a long term construction project.

  • Doh! Ward One Resident beat me to it!

    • JBloomDC

      I was told by DDOT to report illegal Emergency “No Parking” signs to 311. So I’d do that, and to CM Graham and to the ANC.

  • Is it really an “emergency?” I would like to see a “everything’s fine, but no parking please” sign.

  • Anonymous

    If you do decide to park there because the signs were posted illegally, I’d recommend removing the signs first. Parking enforcement is notoriously shoot-first-ask-questions-later.

    • ah

      Before illegally removing signs, I would recommend you determine whether the signs were posted legally. MPDC is also shoot-first-ask-questions-later.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, sometimes literally! Although a cop probably won’t shoot you for removing an Emergency No Parking sign.

        Probably won’t.

  • Anononymous

    The signs are gone as of this evening. Saw a few cars ticketed with a copy of the actual no parking details provided (permit number and etc), but there was no new signage or notification that parking was off-limits.


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