• It’s a shame that with a Metro station steps away, and taller buildings on either side, that a couple more floors weren’t added on top of the new CVS location, with either apartments or office space up there.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a new building.

      • @Anonymous – Mrtindc never said it was a new building – just a new location.
        @Mrtindc – totally agree. DC should really encourage infil development where existing buildings are not maximizing their potential.

      • Annonny

        But I think the point is that in an ideal world, a few floors *could* have been added. This is a primo space for “in fill” development, given that it’s at the intersection of two major streets and literally on top of a metro station.

        Mr. T, you do realize however that you’re talking about Woodley Park? It’s the same neighborhood that protested Marriott using its own land for construction when the neighbors wanted to keep it as their free, Marriott-owned doggy park?


        • Yes, I used to live in Woodley Park and am familiar with the strong NIMBY sentiment there, but figured since they were renovating the space from top to bottom the landlord would at least try to get permission to pop up a couple of stories. Oh well. :)

    • michael

      Well, they got that sweet wall still, perfect space for a mural to compliment the Marilyn Monroe one on the other side of the street. Perhaps someone will paint JFK?

      • Annonny

        Hahahaha…great suggestion Michael.

  • Michael

    Yay! That old CVS sucked. Super cramped, and I think they eventually just gave up on their photo center area, as stuff was always strewn about. I also hope they hire a few more employees because there were always annoying lines to checkout.

    • Jen

      The new one has the self-checkout machines which should help the line issue (except when the clueless tourists can’t figure out how to work the machines).

  • CVS scored big on that one. The corner of a prominent intersection, bigger location. CVS sure has a lot of prime real estate in this city.

    • Anonymous

      I would rather great corner spaces not be gobbled up by chains but I’m dreamer I know.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone remember what was in this space before Sherry’s moved there (from where Chipotle is now)?

    • Annonny

      Before CVS it was a real estate office.

      Before that the space was sub-divided and it was an antiques store and a rug shop, I believe. Both of those shops had really nice stuff, come to thing of it.

      • Annonny

        Oops…come to *think* of it.

  • jcm

    I believe the corner was a Long & Foster (or ReMax?) office for a long time.

  • Terry Gerace

    CVS pharmacy as a licensed health care provider should not advertise, promote, distribute and sell lethal addictive cigarettes while at the same time accepting Medicaid and Medicare funds for treating chronic diseases caused by cigarettes.

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling CVS gobbled this prime location before Walgreens got its hands on it…especially since Walgreens has already shown signs of entering the Conn. ave corridor. Oh well. Lets see if Walgreens one ups CVS in that vicinity, its going to be hard to do.


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