• I would cheer this, but how can they tempt us with such a delicious looking sandwich that’s not actually on the menu? It looks like anchovies, apples, and cheese. Am I missing something?

  • Anonymous

    This place is awesome! I highly recommend it. They have excellent customer service. And the sangria is delicious and there is a great selection of tapas. Nice interior as well.

  • AK

    Confusing! The image, the PDF linked here and the website (http://www.boquerianyc.com/menus_lunch.html) show three different menus. At least the one on their site shows the sandwich in the picture, which, BTW, I need to eat right now.

    • anon

      “Menus may vary by location”

    • Oh, that’s it! Bocata de Boquerones. I must have that immediately.

  • goray

    Those herbed croutons and citrus vinaigrette better be damn good for the extra dollar

  • Anonymous

    This place is fantastic!


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