• Anonymous

    DC should consider having an azalea festival someday, what a great plant and flower color for this area.

  • I heard once that that house belongs to Judith Martin, aka Ms. Manners. I used to live in Harvard Hall and always worried I’d offend her somehow.

    • Anonymous

      My neighbor confirmed that Ms. Manners DOES own that joint. I live ten doors down, so i’m constantly on my toes when it comes to etiquette. Sucky way to live life on the homefront.

  • I live across the street from this house! Didn’t know this was Miss Manner’s house. I’ve been admiring these azaleas from my kitchen window. I love that fluorescent purple color, never seen any other flower quite that bright.

    • A close friend of mine used to live next door, and yes, it IS Miss Manners’ house. She must be ancient by now!

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    The National Arboretum has a ton of azaleas. Take a nice drive over!


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