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At Long Last – Banana Leaves Reopens in Dupont Circle!

by Prince Of Petworth April 22, 2012 at 10:22 pm 20 Comments

On March 6, 2011 Banana Leaves suffered a devastating fire at 2020 Florida Ave, NW in north Dupont and has been closed ever since. Over the past couple of months we’ve closely been monitoring their progress. I’m happy to say that they’ve finally reopened (see their menu here) and the space looks great:


First floor bar

Sweet words

  • Enos

    Yay! Long live Banana Leaves!

  • Anonymous

    Yess!! My Sunday night takeout is back

  • Hooray!

    Welcome back, Banana Leaves, lookin’ good!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Made my week. Takeout tomorrow!

  • Scamus

    My wife and I had dinner there last night after a year!! Well worth the drop in. Very nice night out :)

  • Anton Noosbusch

    I don’t really understand the obsession with this place. Reopening after a devastating fire makes a good story, sure, but the food is above average at best.

    • Annonny

      Agreed. Glad it’s no longer an empty shell, but the menu is nothing to get excited about.

      Comparatively speaking, however, it is *much* better than Thaiphoon. I’ve never understood how that disgusting place stays in business!

    • prognostication

      As Asian delivery options in this city go, it is pretty high up the list.

    • Anonymous

      Well, take a look at the prices compared to other places. $4 less for comparable dishes. At above average food, you’re getting excellent value. I don’t always want to spend $12-14 for takeout.

  • Anonymous

    Hooray! I’ve missed that spicy noodles soup so badly!

  • kingofbongo

    I’m a fan of the place I’m happy for them.

  • Dc-Emily

    How does it compare to regent Thai?

    • Anonymous

      Regent has better Thai food (excellent if you ask me), but BL is more of a pan-asian joint with pretty good food across the board and better prices.

  • Dude


    Best thing about Banana Leaves? Sushi.

    Second best thing? They’re not afraid to deliver east of 7th street, unlike many other restaurants.

  • Laura G.

    I got delivery from them last night, and just had delicious curry laksa leftovers for lunch. Made me so happy!

  • Anonymous

    Best Crab Ragoon I have ever had! So excited they are back!!!

  • saf

    Wow, do they deliver up here in Petworth?

    (very close to the metro station.)

  • Anonymous

    their bali tofu is very good

  • My wife and I were huge Banana Leaves fans before the fire and we were really excited they were reopening. However, we went there tonight and it was disappointing. The food was luke warm, pretty bland, and the service was poor. We were there early and the restaurant was not at all busy so there was no excuse. Our search for great Asian food continues….. (thought we had found it before the fire)

  • Anonymous

    YES!! Going back for dinner tonight. This was always one of my favorite places to eat in DC.


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