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Vote on a Logo for SnitchEye Wine Bar Coming Soon

by Prince Of Petworth March 6, 2012 at 11:30 am 42 Comments

SnitchEye is the wine bar that was hoping to come to 3rd and Florida Ave, NW. That location fell through but they have narrowed down their location to two finalists and are currently negotiating lease terms (they wouldn’t tell me where – but hopefully they’ll sign the lease soon!)

In the meantime they are finalizing their logo and I offered to host a poll for PoPville – so which do you like better?

I promise to update with more info as soon as the lease is signed.

Logo one by John Alspaugh

Logo two by Alex McNeill

  • Why isn’t there a “Neither, they both suck” option?

  • SF

    These both suck.

    • SF

      Also, the name sounds like a medical condition.

      • saf

        I have to agree.

  • kern

    John’s is obviously the better of the two. It isn’t a bad solution, but has some serious issues with the way the wine glass is rendered. It needs to be more exaggerated, so it can be read as a wine glass quicker.
    Not a fan of the typeface. Too cold.
    And what is up with designers displaying their logos on a textured background? Show it clean and in use and that is it.

    • mj

      I didn’t even notice the wine glass. Or the two people embracing.

  • bloomingdalechick

    Add me to the list of those who hate the name. Sorry, folks.

  • Anonymous

    the bottom one looks like what the logo would have “originally” looked like if the place opened in the late 80’s/early 90’s. the top one looks like the “revamped” for the late 00’s look-throwback to a Mad Men era but tries too hard.

  • I actually like the first one (the wine glass in the eye is a nice touch) but I think the name is awful. And I know people have mentioned this before, but the term “snitch” has some negative connotations that they might want to avoid…

  • kern

    Alex’s logo looks like it is a rough from a logo class. Not a very professional. SnitchEye needs to just start over. Find a more professional designer and maybe a branding shop to help with the name.
    This is why people think that designers can just crap something out super fast. There is a whole bunch more to successfully branding of a company than what you see here.

  • Anonymous

    This name is embarrassingly awful. I live in the area where they wanted to move originally, and despite being bitten by a yuppie zombie several years ago (symptoms include: aggressive thirst for neighborhood bars, dry mouth, and desire to consume neighbors with nicer bikes than me), I really am not interested in hanging out at a place whose name connotes that I may be needing stitches later.

  • eric_in_ledroit

    convinced this is a hoax. impossible to believe they are seriously considering opening a bar called Snitcheye.

    • new

      I would tend to agree with you but then I remembered that there is a bar named the Blue Banana so you can never doubt how bad a bar name can be.

  • ew

    The first logo made me think “Glass Eye” which could be a more appealing name

  • Bloomingdude

    You have to wonder how likely this place is to care about serving its customers when it’s so tone deaf to how much people dislike its name. I never thought I’d say this, but I sort of hope it’s not coming to Bloomingdale.

    I hate the name, and pick logo 1.

  • Name is bad – does sound like a disease – but it’s memorable.
    I vote for The Living Room or the Sitting Room.

  • anonymous x2

    This is like a joke of a bad name, like in Seinfeld when they would do the fake movie titles– ‘Chunnel’; ‘Death Blow’; ‘Snitch Eye’ .

    Seriously guys, the name is negative, creepy, unappetizing, and I could see it sinking your business.

    • imonaboat

      Hahaha, Sack Lunch!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the reminder of those gems. Can’t forget about Ponce De Leon or Prognosis Negative.

    • Rochelle, Rochelle.

  • Mar

    I, for one, like the name. I think it’s catchy and unique.

    As for the logos, I think the first is the better of the two simply because it doesn’t look like someone drew it with a marker on a piece of construction paper. That being said, though I like the general design, the first is a little too severe for me. I think a different font would soften the look.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot understand such opposition to a name. Who cares. It’s a wine bar that is hopefully coming to an area of the city with few restaurant/bar options. Will you really not visit this establish because of its name? Do you really think that the owner’s won’t care about their patrons because they didn’t take the suggestions of a bunch of anonymous people commenting on a blog? Yes, I understand branding, etc., but lets face it, this establishment is not being opened in an area of the city with a lot of competition, so people will likely frequent the bar regardless of the name. For those who would rather truck over to Vinoteca because the name is more appealing, go for it. More wine for me!

    • TaylorStreetMan

      If this is your criteria for a successful business (no competition, so who cares what we call it), then I suppose they could just as well call it “Drink up, A-hole! I’ve got a boat payment to make!”?
      Eh, maybe that’s too long. :-)
      My 2 cents: not fond of the name, but prefer the first logo. Agree that the presentation (on distressed backgrounds) has got to go. Prefer the first image, but agree that the font is too severe, not warm and welcoming.

  • While I enjoy the delicious irony of blog commenters warning a wine bar about the negative connotations of snitching (because so many potential wine bar patrons are obviously going to be targeted for retribution due to their cooperation with law enforcement), I will add some potentially interesting information, viz. there has been a large dumpster slowly filling up with trash in front of the “original” Snitch Eye location at 3d and Fl. Ave. NW. Makes we hope that something good is happening inside, but I strongly doubt it.

    • I think the dumpster is being filled with stuff from a gutting/remodel of a house 4 doors down (the green one).

  • Both logos seem like they’d be well suited for a somewhat-threatening skateboard apparel brand.

    But! I’ve decided that I kind of love the fact that they have a totally unappealing name that no one likes and don’t seem to care. They should just own it and go with logo #2!

  • indc

    The first one is fine but expected. Like someplace you could find in Clarendon or Ballston. I actually the hand-drawn look of the second logo — I’d go to a place like this. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and doesn’t look like a chain restaurant logo.

  • ~The Dali Lama of Bloomingdale

    I am going on record betting it will be in Bloomingdale. A recent blog post on the bdale site said something is happening at the old barber shop on RI and today I noticed it was emptied out…………… Snitch Eye in Bdale, works for me. I ain’t much on wine but I luvz me some cheese!

    Now get me a Tacoria and an Italian restaurant in the hood! : ) Oh and a frozen yogurt place

  • Terrible name. The owners should start from scratch.

  • P’worth

    The first design is ok. The second one is terrible, as is the name. (“Snitch” reminds me of the “no snitchin'” problem.) What is a snitch eye, anyway?
    Count me in as someone who is unlikely to go here based on the name. I would love to hear from the owners in the comments.

  • jb

    The first is good with the eyeball and wine glass. The font looks typical and un original. Snitch does not have a bad connotation for everyone. The owners have likely thought a lot about the name.

  • debbie d

    Frankly, I am disgusted in the owner’s intentions. First, it seems to little ol’ me that “snitch eye” is a poor attempt to capitalize on the popularity surrounding Harry Potter. The “Snitch” is obviously the golden snitch from the quidditch game which the book’s protagonist plays. During the book, a character tells Harry that in order to be successful he must never take his eye off the snitch…SNITCH EYE.
    Second, why would they name their adult establishment after a theme found in a children’s book? ARE THEY TYRING TO ATTRACT MY CHILDREN?!
    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! Also, the first one is much better.

    • Anonymous

      i hope you’re not taking yourself seriously.

  • I agree with all the other posters who’ve said it’s a stupid name.

    I think the bar’s ownership was claiming that they had come up with it via some kind of inside joke and then taken a vote on their Facebook page, yadda yadda yadda… but I don’t care. Inside jokes are funny only to those who are in on them, and we’re not in on this one.

    I wonder what the other choices were, if they were so bad that “Snitch Eye” won? Or was it simply an up-down vote?

  • Anonymous

    The name may be silly but its memorable if the response on this is any indication. I don’t care what you call it, its not my investment but I am hoping and praying that you locate somewhere in the parkview neighborhood on GA avenue so I can visit often. I am certain the name of your bar will in no way detract from what you actually serve. Clearly I am in the minority though.

    • rd

      snitch-eyes get stitch-eyes

  • j.

    I think the name “Glass Eye” would be a much better choice. The glass would refer to the wine glass and eye would refer to….well I’m not sure, but it would still be a hella better than Snitch Eye. WTF is a Snitch Eye anyways???

  • shawchica

    Really sad it’s not going to be at the 3rd and P location. It’s frusrating what this building owners who live in VA can get away with. That building has been empty and falling apart for at least the 8 years I’ve lived in the area. He recently started fixing it up because of the tax threat of leaving it falling apart- and I’m told he doesn’t pay his workers. So people work on that and his other properties for a few weeks and then nothing gets done for months after the people realize they aren’t getting paid. To me that’s the larger crime than the name.
    The name is also not great but aparently they had a contest? And the owners and concept is really great. I just hope it stays in that general area.

  • Carmen

    There are really some negative haters on here! I like the first one. and I like the name. I think it’s memorable. and if people don’t like it then they should drink there…


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