Washington, DC

MPD tweets around 4:15pm Sunday afternoon:

“3D is working a Stabbing at 14th and “T” NW. LOF a H/M with Tattoos and a White T-shirt. Traffic is blocked in all directions.”

They later write:

“MPD reports a road closure at 14th and 15th T ST NW, due to the shooting investigation.”

DCalerts seems to confirm a stabbing:

“Police Alert-Stabbing/1600 hrs/ 14th & T St. N.W/lof a h/m DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911″

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More info as it becomes available.

Update: A reader sends the photo above and writes:

“Stabbing at 1431 T NW around 3:30pm today.”

Reader also reports the whole street remains closed to traffic and:

“Ambulance took someone away.”

Update from MPD:

“Officers were on patrol when they discovered an individual stabbed. The victim was transported to a local hospital.

Officers canvassed the area and located the suspect, who was placed under arrest.”


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