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Hunted House Furniture Moving From Logan Circle to H St, NE

by Prince Of Petworth March 25, 2012 at 10:22 pm 17 Comments

Thanks to a reader for sending a link to a Craigslist ad that says:

“HUNTED HOUSE, Vintage and Mid Century Modern, located at 1830 14th Street, NW for the last five years is counting down to opening day on the “hip”, “hot” H Street NE corridor in the next few weeks! Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, we’re still bringing the Mid Mod to our apartment-style showrooms on 14th Street, NW. Check out our earlier listing for what’s new this week and come help us clear out as we get ready to bring you more in a shiny BRAND NEW, BIGGER space on H Street, NE. Hit “H” for HUNTED HOUSE!”

I spoke with owner Mark Johnson on Sunday who confirmed the move. He said they’ll still be open at 1830 14th Street, NW (2nd floor) for two more weeks and will be open at the new location at 510 H St, NE by May 1st. In addition to being bigger, a major advantage of the new 510 H St, NE location is that it has a ground floor entry.

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Hunted House was an early “neat neighborhood find” that we talked about here back in Dec. 2007. For those who’ve never visited, their Website says:

“Hunted House is a case of accidental birth! Its two founders, Mark and Ed, came at it from different angles. Ed, an interior design professional has a true-love for furniture having sold it for many years.

Mark, who has always loved Art Deco and Mid Century furniture and has collected a house full of it over the years, knows that there are many others who love vintage furniture and want to find it at affordable prices. With his good eye for period pieces as many customers have noted, and Ed’s knowledge of furniture and design, the two started buying select vintage furniture, particularly Mid Century…”

You can take a look at some of their goods here.

The reader who originally wrote in said that, if true, this would be a huge gain for H Street. I couldn’t agree more – this is a fantastic score for H Street. First HR 57 moves from 14th St, NW to H St, NE and now Hunted House – could this be the beginning of a trend developing?

  • Andy

    Is H St during the day really get that much more foot traffic than the new furniture corridor along 14th? I stop in there a lot not because I’m targeting to go there but because I’m walking by and just stopped at Pixies and figure to pop my head in. Don’t think I’ll go out of my way to H St to check what they’ve got.

    • Anonymous

      for many people, h street is not out of the way.

    • Anonymous

      Andy – I don’t think it has anything to do with H St getting more foot traffic (I’m quite certain it gets nowhere near the daytime foot traffic of 14th & U). I have a feeling this has more to do with the rising rents along 14th and U Street. When this place moved in there, I have a feeling the area was probably on par development-wise with what H Street is now. Certainly there wasn’t the level of designer condos, high end retail and $30+ entree restaurants that you see there at this point.

    • “Is H St during the day really get that much more foot traffic than the new furniture corridor along 14th?”

      No, H St does not get much foot traffic during the day, but that may change with time. And because it’s not as bustling the rent is probably a lot better for these business owners.

      • Anonymous

        i find it pretty busy durring the day. not this block, but further east. not as busy as 14th, but as busy as u.

      • Anonymous

        There are several condo buildings being planned for this part of H street. If they can hang in there a few years I think they’d get a lot of business from them.

    • Andy

      To clarify my comments. First I love H St. I think it’s a neighborhood moving in a great direction and the last great vestige of night life in DC. As for day time locations, I know that the past few years few quality daytime businesses had located there, but also realize that’s been changing now that the restaurant/bar scene has paved the way. And that’s great. I’m happy to see a fun vintage furniture store move in and I hope he does well there. Perhaps daytime foot-traffic has improved in H St, and if so I’m happy to hear it and will have to make it out there more often during the day than I do now. I just legitimately wasn’t aware this was the case.

      And for those that think this isn’t a foot-traffic business…it is. Especially with vintage furniture stores (like Pixies) the collection changes on a weekly and daily basis you never know what you’re gonna get. I’ve found furniture at Haunted House before just by walking by and stopping in and finding an amazing piece at a great price. But unlike major new furniture places where you know they will have a selection of pieces (some specific designs that are famous) in a variety of styles and in stock or for order, this isn’t always a primary destination for people. Having Pixies, Ruf n Ready, and Haunted House grouped together was a nice little weekend stroll down 14th to browse and hunt for that perfect find. Now that Pixies is only left there, it makes the whole walk down 14th less special since I could care less about those big high end furniture stores that are now there. But the rest are right, they probably couldn’t afford the rent/wanted more space.

  • Mike

    I agree with Andy. I stopped in there because it was on the block, not because it was a place I was specifically going to. Same with Ruff and Ready, now that its way up on 14th, its a place I wont ever go to because Im usually walking on Sat or Sun, not in a car.

    • SF

      I live along the H Street Corridor and I wouldn’t make a specific trip to it on 14th Street NW, so it goes both ways.

      Lots of houses being bought, lots of furnishings needed in the H Street/Near Northeast area.

  • anonymouse

    best of luck to them on H street… good to hear about retail rather than a bar or restaurant. i hope they keep the new store less incense-y and cleaner.

  • Anonymous

    Do furniture stores really rely on foot traffic though? A furniture purchase is something that’s typically planned out– I know I wouldn’t wander in and impulsively buy a sofa on my way home from yoga.

  • dave b

    Fortunately for retailers not on Mike and Andy’s block there are other consumers in this city

    • Andy

      I live no where in the U street/Logan Circle neighborhood, but I find that sometimes I’m on that block, more often during the day than H St. Don’t think this should turn into neighborhood wars.

      • Anonymous

        i think the point is that many people find themselves on h street too. more and more all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Foot traffic on H St today is not anything like 14th, but I am constantly amazed at how dated many people’s conceptions are about NE DC. The area has changed a lot, and big projects currently underway will usher in even bigger changes as density increases. Many businesses are looking to get in on the action before they miss the boat.

    Is this the best move for Hunted House? I don’t know but on the surface, it’s not stupid.

  • JT

    I live in the H street area and I’m THRILLED Mark will be moving his store over here! There is a noticeable absence of furniture stores in the area (especially secondhand/vintage stores), but the demand is so high. I always schlep it over to 14th to look for furniture that might fit the bill, but now I’ll just have to walk down the road. Lots of like-minded residents in the H street district will surely patronize this new location.

  • Rambling Thought

    I love those `50s bamboo chairs in the photo. The Trinidad area needs more style like that. Why should 14th and U and Logan Circle get all the style??


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