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  • Sadly, Queen Makeda is no longer an Ethiopian restaurant. It’s now a reggae bar/club. Almost as funny that they’re having a St. Patrick’s Day party.

    Still sad that the restaurant closed. Queen Makeda was my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the area.

  • Anonymous

    So glad they’ve hired a bro DJ for this event. The other kind just isn’t as good.

    • Anonymous

      you got something against sisters?

  • Given how green that building is, how could they NOT have a St. Patty’s party?

  • Petworth Queen Forever

    Ahh, this should be a nice place to bar hop to. It’s wonderful when every group celebrate non governmental holidays such as Saint Patricks Day and Cinco de Mayo!!

  • Coolbreeze

    Yea, Queen Makeda is my favorite U St/ 9th St bar. Loved it when it was an Ethiopian restaurant but love it even more as a laid back old school hiphop bar.

    Ask bartender Reggie for an Illmatic Iced Tea. Lovely.

  • Cakes

    Best bar in the corridor. Can’t wait for St. Patty’s Day there. I celebrate everything at QM from Pats to Cinco de Mayo to Kwanzaa. :)


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