• Wanda Sykes is great– I enjoyed her bit about the racist dolphin!

  • Hopefully this isn’t a precursor of things to come for Howard Theatre.

    • Anonymous

      What do you expect, a Coldplay concert?

      • Chris Martin

        Ha! That’s hysterical.

      • Why would anyone want Coldplay to play there? Where did that come from?

    • So, Just Sayin’

      “Hopefully this isn’t a precursor of things to come for Howard Theatre.”

      Oh, Lawdy Lawdy, black peoples!

      Really, theheights, you have nothing to worry about. This will be dignified:


      • Are you serious? Thinking someone is not not funny makes me racist? All I can say is, put more thought into your posts.

        • Anonymous

          No, it’s just that you’re from Upper Caucasia. We’re just surprised that you’d venture down here into the wilds of Shaw.

          • So people who live in upper NW live in seclusion? I think that comment says more about your ignorance of others than about my attitude toward Shaw. I live in DC and enjoy the whole city. I wish others on this blog who have such contempt for neighborhoods with which they are unfamiliar or cannot afford could say the same. And notice how I used the name “Shaw” and did not stoop to your level in insulting a whole chunk of the city.

  • Such great news! Sykes seems like a very fitting choice. So nice to see that theater finally opening.

  • I find her kind of annoying, but she’s undoubtedly a smart comedian and, since she’s a local, a good choice.

  • AV

    Fantastic choice – she’s a pretty big name and she’s local.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how I thought the HT was just gonna be a waste of money although it would look better, now with this announcement I am SYKED about it, I loves me some wandaz!

    (Seriously, pretty cool!)

  • NHAve

    “Hey, Assy!” Can’t wait, glad there are 3 shows. Will be keeping my eye out for tickets. The transformation of this place since I lived in LeDroit park 3 years ago has been great to watch.

  • Anonymous Rex

    I love Wanda Sykes. Great choice!

  • I think the choice of Wanda Sykes as the first headliner is a statement that the new Howard will continue to honor its historical heritage (even if it may or may not be broader than that in the months and years to come).

    Wise move.

    I’m thrilled about the rebirth of the Howard Theatre.

    • Anonymous

      +1,000. It’s too bad some people want to turn it into Upper Caucasia South, with Coldplay concerts and whatnot. Celebrate this neighborhood for what it was, what it is, and what it could be!

      • Bloomingdude

        I like living in diverse neighborhood, which is why I chose Bloomingdale. However, it’s interesting that the Howard is being fixed up as the hood is becoming “Upper Caucasia South” — and it didn’t happen earlier.

      • A lot of words with no apparent meaning. How is hoping for talented performers (not sure how Coldplay got involved here but if you’re a big fan of theirs, that’s cool), to play in DC venues such as the Howard Theatre making the neighborhood “Upper Caucasia South?” In fact, if you look at the above posts, you’d see that race plays no part in the substance of the discussion except when brought up by the self-proclaimed defenders of Shaw’s historical integrity. A paradox on many levels, that.

  • frickorfrack

    She’s kind of foul-mouthed but I guess that’s what the kids like these days.

    • Bloomingdude

      Remember Redd Foxx?

  • Wanda Sykes is a great choice. I’ve seen her live and she is really really funny. She has such wide appeal. I think she reflects the neighborhood wonderfully.

  • I LOVE her! and she’s a fellow alumna of my alma mater, plus she’s a local. I think the show will be awesome!


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