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PoP Pizza Patrol: 3 Pizanos Coming to Dupont

by Prince Of Petworth — February 21, 2012 at 10:30 am 12 Comments

3 Pizanos – pizza, subs, salads and gyros is coming to 1815 M St, NW (next to Ozio, west of Connecticut Ave) in March. Their facebook page says:

“Who loves authentic New York style pizza?! Not the wanna bee kind but the thin soft and crispy crust with just enough sauce and an awesome amount of oozing cheese ;o)~ drooooling…”

I’m cautiously optimistic.

  • mj

    Whatever. Everyone and their grandmother claims to have NY pizza in DC. Nobody does. And that’s fine. There are enough places with good neapolitan pizza to suit my taste. If I want good NY pizza, I go to the Bronx.

    • The only genuine NY-style pizza around the metro is at the Italian Store over in Arlington. Pete’s Apizza is really close. Why doesn’t one of them open here in Dupont? *sigh* (Disclaimer: I grew up on San Francisco pizza, which is NY with more garlic and oregano in the sauce and a good helping of *real* parmigiano or grana mixed in the cheese.)

  • JohnnyReb

    I do not want any “bee” kind of pizza! Sting-y!

  • Considering the location, this will be a bug pile of meh aimed at the boring work lunch and late night kickball audience.

    • “big” pile… “bug” pile might have been a Freudian slip though.

  • babyfat

    that font they use certainly does not bode well for anything…

  • Soft AND crispy?

  • anonymous

    It would help if the proprietors knew how to spell “paisanos.” Yes, I know they are also trying to play on pizza but it smacks of being so fey.

    • Yeah, I was wondering if they were trying to pun on “paisanos.” Isn’t it a Spanish word, though, not an Italian one?

      • Anonymous

        May be a word in Spanish as well but in Italian it means something roughly equivalent to “buddy” or “pal.”

    • Anonymous

      is “fey” supposed to be a type of insult?

  • Sal

    They sell gyros so I already know exactly how bad this pizza is going to be.


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