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  • YUM

    i can only speak for the fish and bean tacos, but those are both really, really good. and the yucca fries are amazing!

  • Charles F

    On Wednesdays, they offer a cheese enchilada (with beans and rice) for $6.50. This is my favorite item! Also, you can select from four types of salsas to go with any meal.

  • great option if you work in RSOB. get the lengua!

    • Anonymous

      you must work on the House side

      • Molly

        Eh, RHOB/LHOB/CHOB is kind of a House thing, but we use it on the Senate side too. Less often since they use the SD- designation for room numbers instead, but you wouldn’t abbreviate Dirksen as “SD” if you were just referring to the building as a whole.

        …I’m glad I found this worth my time to expound upon.

  • The chorizo and cheese tacos are among the best tacos I’ve ever eaten.

  • Monroe

    I would kill for any of their tacos – but the chorizo and cheese are amazing.

  • Steve S

    Awesome place. All the tacos are great and I especially recommend the yuca fries. The aguas frescas are refreshing on a hot summer day, but their Mexican Coke does the trick as well. Be sure to also try their green salsa.

    Anyone had the breakfast items? I’ve always meant to give those a try…

  • Delish

    Love this place…right next to my building. I second the reve for the cheese enchiladas and the yucca fries. Not to be missed. Headed there now…yummmmm.

  • Nadine

    Love their horchata! I miss working in the building next door…

  • FulanoDeTal

    I’ve heard good things about the lunch menu, but I had an early (American) breakfast there one morning and it wasn’t very good. The bacon is that nasty microwave stuff and the eggs weren’t much better. I need to go back for the tacos.

  • Yeah, their breakfast is disappointing considering how great everything else is.

    I love their tostadas, which are usually advertised on the board outside.

  • This reminds me that I have a coupon for this place – maybe I’ll check it out for lunch tomorrow!

  • indc

    It’s only good if Rosa drops you her keys from one of those 2nd story windows.

  • The yucca fries are the best I’ve ever had, by a factor of thousands. I love the jamaica (hybiscus tea) and all of the tacos, especially the beef and pork ones. Taqueria Nacionale is the only thing that I miss about working in that area. My only complaint was that there’s virtually no seating, and the seating that exists is outside.

  • YUM!

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    I hit this place at least a half dozen times during my 5 week grand jury stint. Awesome food – tostadas, chorizo and cheese taco, lamb shank taco, carnitas taco, and carne asada taco were all incredibly tasty. Excellent fried yucca. The aguas frescas were so-so, nothing earth shattering. But it was nice that they have the cane sugar Coke products from Mexico.

    Don’t expect a bargain price. Three tacos, an order of yucca, and a soda is about $15. So worth it though.

  • Jen

    The yucca fries rock but the sauce that comes with the yuca fries is to die for. I keep telling them to bottle it and sell it and they always smile at me. I’m serious…

    • Yes! How could I have forgotten the sauce. Ohhh, that sauce…

  • Dave C

    Best fish tacos in town. Yuca and horchada aren’t too bad either.


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