Washington, DC

At first I thought the Tenleytown’s Z Burger was launching a new Sandwich shop at 4321 Wisconsin Ave, NW. But trying to find info on line brought up an old post from Chowhound with a reader noting back in 2008:

“there’s also a sandwich place next to that is going to open up, I believe? Sandwish or something?”

I peeked inside and it still looks set up for an expansion:

There is even a menu:

I called the store and they told me that they don’t know if the sandwiches are coming. They might still be focusing on their new SW location and their “coming soon” to Columbia Heights location. But they were told that sandwiches could still be coming.

The menu says the sandwiches are all $4.19. If they ever do launch I wonder if that price will still apply… Do you think they should expand into sandwiches or just stick with burgers?


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