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DC rush hour to begin today at 1 pm

by Prince Of Petworth — February 8, 2012 at 1:15 pm 14 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

From DDOT:

The full DC Snow Team is deploying today, applying salt to major roadways and residential streets, as needed. The District also will move rush-hour traffic signal timing up to begin at 1 pm to facilitate the movement of traffic as employees leave work earlier to reach their destination before conditions can hamper travel.

The weather forecast is for rain and snow, becoming all snow after 4pm and a high temperature near 41F. Less than half an inch of snow is predicted to fall during the day, but snow is likely to continue falling until 9 pm tonight and perhaps another half inch of snow is possible.

The District Snow Team had more than 180 plows on their routes at 11 am today. These crews will work through the night, into tomorrow morning’s rush hour.

Motorists are reminded to drive carefully on wet roadways and give the snow plows ample room to work. Other safety tips for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists can be found at www.snow.dc.gov.

  • I’m having nightmarish flashbacks of last year’s rush hour snowstorm. I left work at 3, when our government clients were offically dismissed, and didn’t get home until after 11pm.

    I’m so grateful that I’ve since moved to DC and only live a mile from where I work. No matter how bad the weather is it will never take me more than 20 minutes to get home. 🙂

  • jm


  • Anonymous

    crazy long.lines at giant:

  • ha ha ha ha ha over 1 inch of snow

  • Drivers, start your engines. On the count of three GO! And don’t forget to stop and pick up some toilet paper and milk.

    • Anonymous

      And bread! Can’t survive without bread!

  • Anonymous

    Dear DC,

    Get it together — 1 inch of snow should not cause pandemonium.

    The Entirety of the Midwest, Upper Northwest, and northern parts of the Atlantic Seaboard

    • The problem is that the DC suburbs– where the majority of people are headed during rush hour– do not have adequate infrastructure to support the commuting traffic even under the best of circumstances. So when you have a situation where everyone is leaving work around the same time, and perhaps there is some precipitation that causes more accidents than usual, the roadways can quickly become jammed well into the night. Most snow-receiving parts of the country are nowhere near as crowded as here, so they don’t have these issues.

    • anon

      Dear The Entirety of the Midwest, Upper Northwest, and northern parts of the Atlantic Seaboard,

      Get it together — what the federal government does is not “DC”. That would be the feds.

      And as you with voting rights who send YOUR representatives here and then blame their actions on DC rather than on them or yourselves should already be aware, the feds always cause pandemonium.


      • Anonymous

        those from the cold nether regions don’t understand how in our climate snow becomes ice very quickly.

        also, they tend not to understand that in metropolitan regions such as ours, there are drivers from everywhere in the world and everyone has their own ways of driving often causing problems.

        forgive their ignorance.

        • Anonymous

          You do realize that snow becomes ice in many places? And that “the cold nether regions” also have metropolitan areas….some of which are bigger than DC.

  • anon

    Toilet paper sandwiches

  • Andy

    Seriously, if DC didn’t overreact and tell everyone to leave at 3pm, then the roads wouldn’t be flooded at the same time and cause a worse traffic jam as if the city just calmed down.

    Oh and .5 inches? Maybe another .5 inches? First all i see is rain, and Snow+Wet Ground+Warm Ground and Warm Temps = NO SNOW.


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