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From a press release:

1661 Poitín An Old Irish Spirit Seeking New Life through Alternative Funding

1661 was apparently a tragic year for drinkers in Ireland. Why? Because that is the year the British Crown outlawed poitin, a clear Irish spirit known for its strength and so-called medicinal qualities. The ban lasted over 300 years, but now an Irish entrepreneur is hoping to help the spirit make a comeback through online fundraising via Kickstarter.

1661 Poitin is the name of the spirit and the person behind it is Ashlee Casserly. This lover of fine spirits is looking to raise $40,000 through the popular online crowd funding platform to produce the Irish alcohol. Her plans, if she is successful, is to create the spirit in a small batch Irish distillery using locally sourced Irish ingredients and a pot still. The money raised will help with this, as well as bottling, shipping and licenses for US distribution. A recently added pledge reward to the project allows someone to get their name on the packaging box that every bottle of 1661 poitin will be sold in, check out the picture below.

1661 Poitín wants to bring this tasty spirit to the world and is letting you in on the opportunity. The first batch is ready to be made and Casserly would love to be the person to revive poitín as a national product and bring it to the States. As bars look for new and unique spirits to mix with, something like 1661 Poitín would do really well with the mixology crowd.
Watch the video below and then click the Kickstarter link above to help Casserly in bringing this old Irish spirit to American shores.

The project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/442783822/1661-poitin-small-batch-traditional-irish-spirit

Anyone ever try Poitín before?


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