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WUSA9 Reports Council Member Harry Thomas Jr. to Resign

by Prince Of Petworth January 4, 2012 at 10:30 am 36 Comments

WUSA9 shared the scoop last night:

DC Councilman Harry Thomas, Jr., is talking to close associates who tell 9 News Now that the Councilman will agree to resign from office as part of a plea agreement with federal prosecutors.

This all started with allegations that Thomas stole $300,000 for youth baseball, then used the money for personal trips, golf outings and expensive items such as an Audi SUV and a motorcycle.

His associates tell 9News Now that Councilman Thomas will plead guilty to at least one felony, possibly more. He expects to get a two to three year prison sentence.

However, NBC4’s Tom Sherwood tweeted:

Sources say rumors that Thomas already indicted and about to turn himself in “totally false.” rumors of agreed jail time also “not true.”

Stay tuned…

Photo via DC Council

  • Anonymous

    I hope we at least get a perp walk out of this.

  • Anony

    About time.

    That man is a disgrace.

    It would be a complete travesty if he didn’t get jail time.

  • Anonymous


  • Yes, please, some accountability finally!

  • Garrie

    Good, now there is one less crook on the Council. Now we just need to get rid of the rest of them.

    • Anonymous

      what, specifically, are your accusations against “the rest of them”?

      • TG

        Here is a good list to start you off. Not sure if the Brown thing has legs but I suspect it does. In addition, it is not just about whether there was criminal conduct but the sense that these guys are out to line their own pockets and those of their cronies.


        • Anonymous

          the Brown tax issue isn’t a huge deal. but the rest looks bad. what about the other members? evans, wells, bowser, orange, catania and cheh?

          • Anonymous

            I’m sure they’re all guilty of something or other that you wouldn’t want your elected officials getting away with. It seems to go with the territory in DC.

          • Anonymous

            Didn’t Orange just get caught taking 100k in illegal campaign contributions?

        • Anon X

          Please, none of those are scandals except HTJ and maybe Alexander if the amount werent so low.

          Kwame Brown’s SUV is about the biggest farce of a scandal I’ve ever heard of… yeah, terrible idea, bad optics, bad judgment… but illegal? probably not.

          Marion Berry have a tax lein for 3200 bucks? Thats the scandal they come up with for him? Seriously?

          Alexander misappropriating 4700 bucks is small potatoes… pay it back, say youre sorry, move on. No one honestly thinks politicians want to go to jail over breaking the rules on a 5k expenditure that should have been paid with a different pot of other peoples’ money (tax money vs donation money). its not like she could have used that money to go to hawaii.

          Not paying your property taxes on time isnt a crime or a scandal.

          Jim Graham is a slime ball, but the fact that his former CoS is in jail was a scandal 2 years ago. Now its old news.

          If you’re going to make the claim that they are all corrupt, try finding actual crimes with clear motive and intent, perpetrated by the actual person.

          At this point, we have a council with several members who suck at personal finances, have bad judgement, dont have careful attention to detail, and make mistakes. All reasons to vote against them, but hardly impeachable.

          • Anonymous

            Not paying your property taxes on time isnt a crime??? In whose world?

            You’ve got a lot to learn.

          • District law prohibits the leasing or buying of city vehicles that get less than 22 miles per gallon.

            -enough with the opposite day.

          • TG

            You glossed over Kwame’s federal investigation into not reporting and misappropriating campaign contributions. They pretty much have about 200k funneled to an organization run by his brother that they can’t account for. Recall that John Edwards was indicted for misappropriating campaign funds. There is very likely a crime in there somewhere.

            Re: the SUV. If you don’t think abusing your office for personal benefit is a scandal then I think you would fit right in on the council. The guy was straight bilking the public for his loaded SUV. That is our money, not his.

          • Next time, set up a better straw man. No one said anyone should be impeached over an unpaid tax bill. No one called SUV-gate illegal.

          • Anon X

            Strawman? Learn to read.

            “Good, now there is one less crook on the Council. Now we just need to get rid of the rest of them.”

            “get rid” doesnt normally mean by the normal democratic process. I would say “impeach” or “force to resign” is an accurate interpretation.

            Nice try.

            As for the rest of it, like I said, these “scandals” arent impeachable. Maybe there is more, maybe not… but the stuff so far is less than convincing.

            As for “glossing” over… I was replying to the posting of the article and to the original post about “getting rid” of them.

            Its easy to figure these things out, they’re shown as replies. Are you that dense?

          • czechyoself

            Kwame Brown’s SUV is considered bad optics? What, did it have a bad lens or something?

          • We don’t know what that commenter intended to say, but if you choose to interpret their statement beyond what they said explicitly, and then go on to argue with the words you made up for them, you’re effectively arguing with yourself.

            Have at it.

  • I hope this keeps the steam going on ethical reform rather than letting it slip.

  • TG

    He better get jail time.

  • Annonny

    I hope this is true. Dude is a scum-sucking pig and deserves to be sent to the big house. Stealing money from a charity for kids…how low can you go, Harry?

  • One down, more to come. Next up, Kwamaaaaaayy….

    Harry’ll do time and then get re-elected in the next cycle.

  • Do you really think anyone who’s not part of the problem has a chance in this town? He will be replaced by another crony of Gray/Barry/Kelley/whomever and the same thing will play out again. Kickbacks, corruption, misappropriation of funds, indictment, resignation.

    It’s almost – but not quite – enough to make me vote Republican, which I have never done in my life. The Republicans would be just as bad, but at least 2 competing corrupt parties counter each other and soak up resources by fighting among themselves. DC is a fine example of the depths to which a one-party town can sink. Chicago, I think, is the perfect example.

    • Anonymous

      It was enough to make me vote Republican in the last at-large race. Something I have never done, and swore I would never do.

      • I usually vote Republican at the local level for the exact reason that one-party states tend to be corrupt. I think David Catania was a good choice even though he had to become an independent rather than be aligned with the homophobic morons at the national level. I also supported Carol Schwartz.

    • You have to have more hope than that when voters take pictures of illegally parked cars of CMs and send them in to various DC blogs. The clear implication is, “we’re watching you.” Every breath they take, every move they make — we’ll be reporting that shit. To be clear: this is about more than mislaid cars.

      I think this signals a shift in voter attitude.

      Yes, DC needs more Republicans. I’d never vote GOP, but I wouldn’t mind if two or three got elected. We obviously need a stronger system of checks and balances. When HTJ does something as clearly illegal as this, and none but one of his colleagues call for his resignation, something is very wrong. Clearly, most of the council is comfortable with corruption and any elements that disagree crumble under peer pressure — excluding Wells, the one with a backbone.

    • Annonny

      The only Republicans I’ve ever voted for are those who run in DC Council elections. The worst DC Republicans do is cut taxes to pay back their voters. DC Democrats just steal directly from the Treasury.

  • Bullwinkle

    Does anyone know which ward he represents?

    • Anonymous


  • Question is, who’s on the Ward 5 political scene after Thomas?

  • Hopefully he still repays his $17k of student loans (unpaid for 25 years) while he sits in jail:



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