Washington, DC

Back in Aug. ’11 I heard some scuttlebutt that a Cava Mezze Grill was looking at a location by U St, NW. Turned out it was not that location but Cava did confirm that they were looking for more locations around DC. I have it from a very good source that they have found a location in Columbia Heights. They will be moving into the radiance medspa space at 3105 14th St, NW (I believe radiance will be opening in a new location.)  I’m not exactly sure of the timing of when this will all go down but I give this scuttlebutt a 92% accuracy rating.

Cava Grill is run by the same folks who own Cava Wine Bar located on Barracks Row at 527 8th St SE.

Think Cava will be a good addition to Columbia Heights? You can see their menu here.


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