• Went for lunch on Friday. We had an assortment of basic rolls. The tuna and salmon were very good. They are still working out a lot of typical kinks that come up when you open a new place. The service was VERY slow, disorganized, unbussed tables, etc. After waiting for 15 min. at our table, we decided to get takeout, otherwise we wouldn’t make it back to the office in time. All in all, it will be a regular lunch spot for my office once they get the service worked out.

  • Jesse

    I went the night it opened… the restaurant was about 1/4 full. It took five minutes for someone to seat me, another 15 to have my order take (menu was down after 5 min). I was worried it would take too long to make a full order so I ordered just Miso soup. After another 15 minutes I left, not mad mind you.
    I’m really hoping they are aware of how slow it is… I’d love to see a good sushi place there. FWIW, I did see a sign on the door that they were trying to hire wait staff, so that’s a good sign I think.

  • BW

    Shedding a tear for the Kentucky Fried Taco Bell

  • Allison

    Heh at first I misread the post and thought the restaurant was called “Sushi Pariah” and wondered if there was something I should know about the place…

  • Do they deliver? Anyone know of a tolerably delivery sushi place?

    • D’oh. “Tolerable.”

  • Lindsay

    I’m a Van-Nesser and am thrilled to have a good sushi place in our hood. I was really happy with the quality of the rolls (big pieces of seafood, etc) and the quick service (we got take out). Rock on, Para!


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