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Le Caprice DC Bakery Opens Tues. Jan. 3rd at 7am in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth January 2, 2012 at 10:12 pm 48 Comments

I’m very happy to share the news that new year is starting off right for those who’ve been pining for a proper bakery in DC. Le Caprice DC is opening up this [Tuesday] morning at 3460 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights. For those who missed the last update a few weeks ago, you can see the opening day menu here. When I stopped by on Monday, I also found out there will be some specialty coffees offered. I’m eager to try out the lavender flavored one.

If anyone stops by let us know what you think.

  • andy

    They’re short on change right now but credit is working. The pain au chocolat is tasty!

  • Dropped by this morning; we got a chocolate croissant and a plain, both outstanding. This place is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood and, I predict, it will do gangbusters business. Great to watch the fresh baked goods made each day …

  • Ashley

    Just bought beautiful croissant, but coffee is pretty watered down and you can’t add your own milk. Desserts look lovely and watching the bakers is a huge plus.

  • Ashley

    Just bought beautiful croissant, but coffee is pretty watered down and you can’t add your own milk. Desserts look lovely and watching the bakers is a huge plus.

  • andrew

    Oh my god!! been waiting for this for so long… I went with a brioche and one of the almond goodies above (already forgot the name) and was in heaven :)

  • Le Caprice DC

    It’s been a great morning, seeing folks enjoy the goods and chatting with everyone.

    Thanks for the feedback, Ashley. Milk pitchers should be delivered this afternoon, and we’ll definitely work on the coffee.

    In general, there are still a lot of little kinks to be worked out, orders not yet delivered, and new ideas to try. We REALLY appreciate folks bearing with us this first week, and telling us what’s good and what’s not.

    And just to keep the excitement going, I have three words: Galettes des Rois. :) Watch the facebook for Galette alerts!

    • April

      AHHHHHH!! KING CAKES!!!!! No more pining for galettes des rois during Mardi Gras = win.

  • Mike

    Finally, a bakery in DC that is actually a real bakery, in that they actually have ovens! And bake stuff on site!!

    And I agree, it’s fun to watch the little old French ladies running around, baking all those delicious treats.

  • I’ll be in tonight to purchase a baguette! Congrats for your opening day!

  • very excited about this! hope to stop in tomorrow morning!

  • Martin


  • leslie

    Ah! I tried to go on Dec 31th with some friends. I was clearly just a few days early. I can’t wait to try the brioche. Did y’all see if they are going to be selling whole brioche loaves?

    • Le Caprice DC

      We DO have whole brioche loaves… and individual ones, and chocolate…

  • Elephants

    Did everyone all of sudden forget that Hellers is just a few blocks away? There’s been a bakery in Columbia Heights. This place looks good, but it’s not like it’s saving the city from a long, dark age without bakeries.

    • Hellers is terrible! Le Caprice has gotta be better.
      I’m amazed that they built out the place so quickly… and I love that the work space is visible to the street. The girlfriend went this morning and reported that the scones were excellent, but the coffee was sub-par. I plan to pick up some bread for dinner tonight….I can’t wait.

    • Sue

      Have you tried to eat anything at Heller’s other than the bagels and donuts.? It’s all disgusting.
      I’ve been served moldy food there on more than one occasion, the quality is crap, the bread hardly deserves the name and the coffee isn’t worth the name.

      • ahh, but the donuts…

      • Dux

        Got cupcakes and cookies at Hellers, fresh and delicious an like the place, it’s other kind of business, but a nice place to me. And welcome to Le Caprice.

    • saf

      Heller’s is in Mount Pleasant, not Columbia Heights.

      And while I like some of their stuff, I want a good place to get baguettes and croissants.

    • Colin

      Got a cake made at Heller’s a few years ago and it was really really good, but have never had their “everyday” bakery stuff so can’t comment on that.

  • Ben

    I’ve been in DC for just over a year and it’s so awesome to have so many great breakfast/brunch options springing up all over CH, anything baked/eggy/breakfast/coffee is always a huge plus. Bravo.

  • Molly

    so pumped.

  • steven

    Really looking forward to going, maybe this afternoon. I would absolutely kill someone–really–if they started making kouign-amann. I’d also pay through the nose for them.
    I’ll confirm the point on Heller’s. I like the idea of the place, and the donuts are ok, but it’s not a great bakery, by any measure. Also, this place is across the street. :-) Greatest thing that ever happened.

  • dp

    Super excited to try it out, congrats on the opening day, and thanks for opening so soon! Have grown tired of seeing “coming soon” signs for multiple years (shaking a fist at you, Elwood Thompson’s)…

  • quincy guy

    Just checked it out – awesome! Lots of great baked goods, loved the rugalach and chocolate chip cookies. We’ll definitely be back often.

    I’d personally love to see rye bread, realizing its nor particularly French (a guy can hope though). Also, how about a recycle bin for all the plastic and aluminium bottles and cans?

  • In case anyone else was having trouble picturing exactly where 3460 14th Street NW is, it’s the west (I think) side of 14th Street between Newton and Meridian.

    • Anonymous

      in nw dc, when facing away from the mall, or north capitol, even numbers on left, odd numbers on right.

      • taylor.nmt

        Or, for a handy mnemonic, just remember that General-turned-FOX contributer, “Odd-iver North” to remember that the odd numbers are on the North side of the street.

      • taylor.nmt

        Oh. I guess that doesn’t work for north-south streets. I suppose you could remember that the mnemonic “East is Even” _doesn’t_ work, which tells you that, in fact, Odd numbers are on the East side of the street. But that’s all I’ve got ;-)

      • Yeah, I was close to 100% sure that an even number meant it would be on the west side, but wanted to give myself wiggle room in case I got it wrong and some snarky commenter was prepared to jump on me. ;)

        Mainly I wanted to give a heads-up re. the cross streets, in case anyone else was trying to figure where along 14th Street this place is.

  • Coraline

    I stopped by today and picked up a loaf of olive bread and 2 bagels. The olive bread is really good and the bagels look awesome – saving for breakfast tomorrow. It was really crowded and the staff was a little clueless (no one knew how to run the slicer), but that makes sense on opening day. I will be happy to go back to see continued improvement. It’s wonderful to see the community curious and supportive.

  • Becca

    Stopped by this morning for a pain au chocolat. I’ve been dying to have a neighborhood bakery since I lived in France 5+ years ago. I always enter “French” bakeries here with a healthy dose of skepticism, as I often find them disappointing. But I was very pleasantly surprised with the pain au chocolat. I talked to the owner, who is both French and delightful. I can’t wait for the galettes des rois! I hope they have them for all of January as they do in France…

    At any rate, I plan on becoming a very regular customer!

  • Alicia

    Just moved in CH a few weeks ago, and looking forward to making it my home! I got to sit back at the bakery today and already felt a new love for the neighborhood. Seeing all of this buzz around fresh baked goods was amazing… Keep it comin’, Caprice :)

  • Anonymous

    Friendly team, great food, great success. Makes up for being jolted at times by the drilling that went down directly beneath me.

  • Alex

    Went in last night to pick up several cookies to bring for dessert at a friends house. Our indecisiveness showing, we were offered samples buy whom I assume is the owner, and finally decided on some amazing honey almond bars. They’re somehow flakey, crunchy, chewy and not too sweet all at the same time.

    They’ve got a huge space, which is great being as you can hardly find a chair at Sticky Fingers or Heller’s on Saturday mornings. The downside to it’s size is it could be a bit more cozy feeling. No art on the walls, or such right now. This is hardly a deterrent, and I’ll be back frequently.

    And yeah, Hellers is a bakery, and it’s close to Columbia Heights, but their baguettes are so sad I gave up on them and started buying bread (shamefully) at Panera.

  • Based on these comments, it seems this place is everything I had hoped Heller’s would become. Fortunately it’s not such a long trip from Mount Pleasant.

  • Went in this morning for an escargot, the owner and staff were friendly and the breakfast was tasty. I can’t wait to try the Galettes des Rois! A great addition to the area.

  • Grandmama

    Just learned that those of us who appreciate really good coffee, and like it strong, will be delighted know we can ask at La Caprice for one of the authentic French press pots and brew our own. Hurray!

  • Nancy C.

    Hi! I stopped this morning on my way to work. It was WONDERFUL! First, it seems like it is a family-owned business (can anyone confirm this?) Everyone was friendly, helpful and solicitous! When you walk in the door you are immediately struck by delicious aromas. I had a coffee and a blueberry muffin (it was super fresh and yummy.) I give this place a big thumbs-up! They have bistro tables so on the weekends it will be a nice place to sit for a bit. Stop by and give them a try!

    • Alison

      Yes, it is a family-owned business. Some of the younger generation live in the area and help out around the shop in addition to their other work, and the owner-chefs came over from France to join their offspring who had settled in America. This bakery is the fulfillment of a long and dearly-held family dream.

  • MP

    Stopped by for brioche and a baguette – nice place, good bread. Happy to have this in the neighborhood!

  • Haven’t been here yet but the place looks promising. Looking forward to a breakfast spot near my block!

  • They were out of baguettes when I got there last night at 6, but the 7-grain loaf was very tasty!

  • MGV

    I stopped by this morning. The items that were fresh were very good — the chocolate croissant especially. The stuff that clearly wasn’t as fresh (plain croissant) wasn’t worth it.

    Still, I’ll be back b/c we need more bakeries in DC! The owners should make some more savory pastries (w/ meat and such) as well.

  • Sun

    Curious if you do or plan to have any items that are egg-less. Sticky Fingers bakery is all vegan and good but I would love to have another option in the area.

    • Rebecca

      Just bought a baguette and was thoroughly satisfied – I am so excited this is in the neighborhood! It’s been impossible until now to get a truly proper baguette in DC, not to mention in Columbia Heights. I really hope they succeed!

  • Anonymous

    Stopped by this morning for some French press coffee (thanks for the idea!) and a handful of macarons… Delicious!

  • Deno

    We will be coming to see you before too long!


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