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Friday Question of the Day – Should We Consider Giving Washington DC a new Nickname?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

Dear PoPville,

New York is the Big Apple. Chicago is the Windy City. Detroit is the Motor City. Vegas is Sin City. Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love. Does Washington, D.C. have a nickname? Chocolate City does not seem as apt as it once did, and The Nation’s Capital is not very catchy. It would be great if PoPville could come to a consensus on a new nickname.

I don’t think we could come to consensus on whether or not water is wet but it is an interesting question. What do you guys think – has the time come to consider a new nickname for DC?

Back in July 2010 the Washington Post reported:

unless the earnest and obvious “Nation’s Capital” is your idea of a cool handle, Washington and its environs have never gotten very far in the civic nickname game.

We are pleased to report, however, that this could be changing. A nickname has recently emerged that could put the Washington area on the regional nickname map: the DMV. As in, D for the District, M for Maryland, and V for Virginia.

I’m not quite sure DMV has stuck – have you guys heard people (besides newspapers) use it?

For city nicknames wikipedia lists the following for DC:

The Capital of the World.
Chocolate City.
City of Magnificent Distances (reported in the 1880s)
District of Crime.
Murder Capital of America (Late 1980s to early 1990s).

Well personally the issue has been settled for me – I will now refer to our Nation’s Capital only as the City of Magnificent Distances or maybe just CMD. I freaking love it.

So for the Friday Question of the Day: If you think Washington DC should have a new nickname, what are some good alternatives?

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