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Fast Gourmet to Open New Shop, “TakEatEasy”, in Dupont

by Prince Of Petworth January 31, 2012 at 10:30 am 20 Comments

Future home of “TakEatEasy” at 1990 M St, NW

Back in March 2011, I shared the news that the folks behind Fast Gourmet were looking to open more one or two more locations in Dupont and Georgetown. WUSA9 shares the news that a Dupont location has been selected:

The restaurant, which will be called “TakEatEasy”, will be located at 1990 M Street in Dupont and should open by the end of March, Fast Gourmet General Manager and Co-owner Manuel Olivera confirmed in an interview.

“I’m not going to say (TakEatEasy) is going to be upscale, but it’s going to be more ambitious in terms of the quality of food,” Olivera explained. People can look for great homemade pasta. We’re going to make different kinds of pasta over there from scratch. We’ll have some select sandwiches from Fast Gourmet that we will try to do something different with. We’ll have a dinner menu with fish, steaks, and salads.“

To orient folks, 1990 M St, NW is also the building that houses Vidalia though China Cafe (pictured above) is the only vacant space.

Back in Dec. 2010 a reader declared Fast Gourmet to have the best sandwiches in town. You can see their menu here. We’ll revisit “TakEatEasy” when they open.

Fast Gourmet, 14th and W, St NW

  • Anonymous

    They should do a Uruguayan style parrilla (grilled meats and sausages). Nothing like it

  • M

    Most overrated sandwich in DC. So again a mediocre place is being praised in our city.

    • Gallery of Peanuts

      I don’t know about most overrated, but I agree that it’s not that wonderful. That place is fine, but it’s too greasy. And the music is always too loud for comfort.

    • Anonymous

      Very true, I live next door and have seen it go from mediocre to just bad. How can you be pretentious in a gas station? I asked the cashier for a suggestion to try something different, his response “we were in the post, everything is good”. This place has gone done hill…Over it.

    • amethystdeceiver

      Out of curiosity, what is a non-overrated sandwich or just a non-mediocre place in DC in your opinion? I don’t disagree with your premise (well except about the chivito, which is excellent), just wondering.

      • Try the Market Lunch in Eastern Market. Good breakfast on Saturdays and great crabcakes & MD crab soup.

      • Gallery Again

        Close by, I would rather eat at Taylor Gourmet or the Greek Spot.

        • otberbur

          The sandwiches at Sundevich, in an alley off 9th & N, are much more impressive than what I had during my one visit to Fast Gourmet.

      • I have been a fan of CF Folks (19th between M & N) and Well Dressed Burrito (across the street in the alley) for the 20 years I’ve been here. Holes-in-the wall, not much in the way of atmosphere, but good food and quite reasonably priced for lunch in downtown DC.

  • fz

    Their chivito sandwich is still my favorite sandwich in the city. I’m very surprised by the comments above.

    • Anonymous


  • Isn’t this pretty much across the street from COSI? Seems like a silly location to me.

  • AG

    I last went to FastGourmet about a year ago and it was decent for what it was. They have an interesting concept and I think fill a niche for quality, late night fast food. I don’t know if the quality has gone down since then, but I remember their sandwiches being quite good. I’ve tried the chivito which was really tasty and interesting and the cuban, which while not authentic, was good for what it was. The fact that they were in a gas station was also probably part of their appeal.

    I don’t get why they want to take that and turn it into a completely unoriginal, mediocre restaurant in already over-saturated areas. At least if they made it Uruguayan that’d be interesting since there aren’t very many, but if I want pasta, steaks, and salads, there are about 10 other places I’d go to in those neighborhoods before I go there. I think they’ve got a case of misguided ambition. It’d be way cool if they took over other area gas stations. With this idea, I give them 6 months.

  • I thougth the sandwiches were good, but when I left there and my clothes and hair smelled (badly) like a greasy grill. If I go again, it will be strictly take-out only.

  • mmm

    the cuban and the steak and cheese are both pretty fantastic

  • caballero

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but I think their portions are too large. After a sandwich and fries, I’m absolutely stuffed. I’m not really complaining….I just need to push away from the table and take some of it to go.

  • JMSL

    Is it just me or is “TakEatEasy” a pretty bad name? Kind of generic and doesn’t sound like the kind of place that would serve a dinner menu with fish, steaks, pasta, etc. Sounds more like a kiosk in a mall or airport.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe they were worried about getting sued by The Eagles.

  • Fast Gourmet addict

    I live near Fast Gourmet and think it will never be as good as the first time, but is still a go-to place for me. Yes, they blast music and it’s a miserable place to sit and eat, but I’m fine with takeout.

    Taylor Gourmet is the one that’s over-rated. Hate their bread.

    This new restaurant sounds promising even though I hate the name.

  • 14 and Chapin

    Stop hating.

    Fast Gourmet is delicious and their new venture will be too.

    Pretentious? Try reading these comments. Or cooking yourself. In silence.


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