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  • mj

    That’s just a general cert of registration to do retail business. I’m not sure it relates to alcohol.

  • Jack5

    Why is it suspended? Because they didn’t have an original enough name for the business?

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    I ate here once. Overall, the food was not any better or worse than the other nearby Thai restaurants (Neisha, Tara Thai). More or less average. However, the decor is some of the most bizarre that I’ve seen. Rustic brick walls with cutouts housing some type of traditional Thai vessels. The glass tabletop reveals a cutout (think a diorama) with some type of decorative cloth and fake flower combination. It’s like they bought out some other failed restaurant and just went with whatever was already there.

    Also, the place was dead on a Saturday night at 8pm. I’m guessing they are struggling financially and cannot straight up either afford the license, or are in violation of some health or safety code and cannot afford to fix it.

    I recently discovered Siam House in Cleveland Park and it has become my go-to place anything I get a Thai craving. Their food is definitely a cut above the rest.

    • Anonymous

      Oh hell yeah can I get a WUT WUT, Siam House is excellent. Their delivery is a bit slow but otherwise they’re very, very good.

    • I always feel bad for struggling small businesses, but this restaurant is pretty bad. The food is bland and if it closed it would be no big loss. Siam House is definitely much better, as is Old Siam on Capitol Hill.

  • Anonymous

    Long time carryout customer, 15 years or so. Decent food at fair prices. I’m definitely curious what’s going on here.

  • The notice is signed by the Chief of the Collections Division, Compliance Administration, Office of Tax and Revenue. Money issue.

  • Anon

    Looks like a suspension for back taxes. Small businesses barely making it many times have to defer taxes to stay open, and Mayor Gray has ramped up tax collection, which shutters businesses behind in taxes.


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