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  • gefilte

    I did a double take, thinking it was the Mon. Afternoon rental option

  • Michael

    I was just line in front of a cop at the Adams Morgan Safeway, and I heard this come over on his radio.

  • ian

    i live in 1125; im watching it/watched htem full the body

  • ortsa

    the block is still roped off, the car is still sitting there with the window shot out and the lights on…any more info on this at all? is the suspect at large?

  • LP

    Drove by and watched the police pull out a person, seemed dead. Any updates?

  • Shawwww

    The blood and glass is still on 11th. Isn’t it custom to clean this stuff up?

    Here’s the most detailed report I could find. No conclusion that it’s a homicide yet.


  • ortsa

    any word on news about this??

  • Eb

    I am also waiting for an update on this…it was right out front of my home.


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