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  1. You know the economy is in the tank when you can’t even get hay for your ride.

  2. All the Bacon and Eggs

    I don’t know guys…I thought I read the Tourmobile was shutting down…and this sure doesn’t look like the Mall.

  3. This one wins.

  4. see, what did i tell you, DC is a drinking town!

  5. Tractor Man II: Attack of the Clones.

    This time he bought his cousin larry. his brother daryl, and his other brother daryl.

  6. In fiscally frugal times, Macy’s opts for the low-cost Thanksgiving Day parade float alternative.

  7. Wait, it was the *banks* that caused the financial collapse? Not the farmers? Well, then, maybe we should go occupy Wall Street instead.

  8. DC cabs are really hit or miss.

  9. Tourists have found ways to save money and still visit Washington in a down economy.

  10. Bro, I told you the groupon kegbus was going to be totally lame.

  11. This one!

  12. It takes two TO A make a thing goright!!IT TAKES THREE TO MAKE IT OUT OF SIGHT!

  13. This is the best. If only you could play some Rob Base over video of this, everybody would be cracking up.

  14. We are part of a research group trying to determine if DC residents go to church on Sunday morning. So far the streets are empty.

  15. The “Occupy the Farmers Market” protest wasn’t as popular as organizers had envisioned.

  16. Metro pulls out all the stops to provide shuttles for riders during the weekend track work.

  17. Worst. Parade float. Ever.

  18. TaylorStreetMan

    Ah! You beat me to it. I think that’s exactly how I would have typed it, too! :-)

  19. The driver for the Anne Arundel County’s Farmer Date Auction got a little lost on his way to the County Fair.

  20. Behold, the all new open-air street cars.

  21. The Occupy The H Street Trolley movement seeks some general accountability.

  22. I like what you did there re GAO.

  23. This is not what I had in mind when you said you had free tickets to a tractor pull in DC

  24. Guys, I’m telling you… there’s something wrong with this bus!

  25. …the next time you have an idea for picking up chicks, I’m just going to a bar instead.

  26. There were supposed to be other people in on this Ferris Bueller flash Mob, right?

  27. I told you that sprinkle of snow and rain would cancel the Halloween Parade for this year, this isn’t Jersey.

  28. In anticipation of a bleak Farm Bill audit, #OccupyGAO protesters converged on G Street. When they realized direct payments would continue, most of them headed off looking (in vain) for some good BBQ.

  29. ACDC is having a hard time too. Acapella version of “it’s a long way to the top”.

  30. back in khack.

  31. “You drive.”

    “No, you drive.”


  32. Where’s Matt Lauer?

  33. “Where did the decorations for our float go?”

  34. Lost footage of U2’s alternative version of the “All Because of You” video.

  35. Look out DC Segway Tours, DC Group Street Surfing Tours (TM) is going to revolutionize the city’s tourist industry. (No liability lease signature required)

  36. Budget cuts at GAO result in innovative ways to get to agency meetings.

  37. The roving, living-model construction worker clothing advertisements have begun a new marketing trend with designers. This is foreseeably short-lived with the coming spring and summer line releases, and approach of actual winter.

  38. Onlookers were shocked at the Amish Gay Pride parade by the verboten orange tractor.

  39. You know the recession’s bad when the cast of the Jersey Shore goes clubbing like this

  40. “Bring out your tazed!”

  41. Carhart’s new mobile billboard campaign sweeps the nation.

  42. Lost in the Hood

    The Annual DC Tournament of Noses Parade is gaining in popularity.

  43. Heading to the horse show, the secret service just wanted to blend in.

  44. Although they were aware that badminton was not exactly the most popular sport in the United States, the triumphant World Champion Men’s Team still hoped for a better turnout to their ticker tape parade.

  45. Pictured: Artist rendition of current status of Herman Cain’s bandwagon.

  46. Backstreet’s back again!

  47. Taking a lesson from U2 and the Beatles, the Hanson brothers held an unannounced free concert on the streets of DC last week, holding up traffic for several feet in all directions.

  48. Tractor protesters wander aimlessly upon news the reflecting pool is being renovated.

  49. Maybe it was the cold weather, but DC’s first Farmer Pride Parade garnered very little attention.

  50. Despite only recently coming out, and not being up to speed on all the details, these Iowa participants in the Gay Pride Parade received overwhelming support from Washington’s LGBT community.

  51. The Khaki crop was a bit sparse this year.

  52. Guys? I don’t think were in Kansas anymore.

  53. “Did we miss the parade?”

  54. Breaking news: The Blue Collar Comedy tour got lost on their way to their show at the DC Improv yesterday.

  55. I guess we are a little late for Farm Aid. where is Willie Nelson and that Melloncamp guy?

  56. Props to the Cops: DC Police parade the latest batch of belligerent Arlington residents through Chinatown.

  57. Are we early for the Pride Parade?

  58. Due to recent loss in revenue, The Gap has decided to pull a Michael McDonald and “take it to the streets.”

    singing….”Taking it to the streets” :)

  59. Not even a publicity tour of D.C. by the cast of “Househusbands of Alleghany County, Virginia” succeeded in driving up ratings.


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