Washington, DC

I can hardly believe it but Nov. makes five years since I started up the Prince of Petworth. Not in a million years did I think the site would turn into what it has today. While I try to work my ass off, the site’s success is 90% a result of you guys. I’ve said that from the beginning. The collective knowledge of PoPville is staggering. Sure opinions differ. Sure it gets heated at times. But you guys are the most knowledgeable, helpful, opinionated, compassionate, ok not always compassionate but always passionate people in DC’s blogoshpere. There has never been a question posted that hasn’t received an answer, opinion or suggestion. And to me that is what I treasure most about the site.

Though I do also love the fact that we’ve reunited countless pets, wallets, keys, and other items with their owners.

And I love how quick we are able to share information when something crazy goes down whether it be a crime, a fire or just an odd noise.

And of course I love the fact that some folks share my appreciation for the beautiful life. The fact that so many people care about architecture, stained glass, murals, gardens, bars, restaurants and food, history, sweet city signs, pets, interesting people, the absurdity of life, and yes even doors makes me so happy. There is def. a lot to love…

While we are a very diverse group in many ways, the one commonality that we all share, and the most important, is that in our own ways we all care about our neighborhoods. Actually we more than care – we are fanatical about our neighborhoods. Though we don’t always agree and we do tackle some really tough/controversial issues, our passion is merely another indication of how much we are invested in our city.

So having said that, come drink some delicious beers with me. We will celebrate not only the five years of the founding of the site but five years of the amazing community we have created. A big thanks to DC Brau who will be fixing up some special blend cask brews for the party and of course much gratitude to Meridian Pint (11th and Park Rd, NW) for hosting. And for all who’ve been asking – I’ll bring t-shirts!


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