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Miniature Pomeranian Stolen from a Home Nov. 7

by Prince Of Petworth — November 18, 2011 at 1:50 pm 46 Comments

“Dear PoP,

A pomeranian was stolen from someone’s house in Anacostia by teenagers. could you help us in getting the word out? They could have taken it to any neighborhood.”

“Monday, November 7th, between the hours of 12pm and 2pm, my home was burglarized by 7 African-American teenagers, 6 males and 1 female.

Our home was burglarized of all valuable items. Among them they stole one of our three dogs. We believe we were targeted. It was the second successful attempt at stealing him. The first attempt we prevented less than a month prior.

If you see a teenaged African-American female, about 5’5 to 5’7 in height, with a miniature Pomeranian please call 202-904-0048 to collect the reward. Miniature Pomeranians are rare in Washington DC.

$1500 Reward

Description of Dog:
3.5 lb., Blonde & White, Male, Pomeranian
Please call with any pertinent info.: 202-904-0048”

  • Evan

    What kind of sick people do this stuff? I really hope your dog is found, that is awful.

  • Anonymous

    This is horrifying. Prayers that the pup is found and returned safe and sound!

  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry. People are sick. I really hope you find your dog soon.

  • MK

    How did they get into the house?

  • dogfinder

    they broke into the house. there is a $1500 reward. the owners are devastated.

  • JL

    That is sick.

  • Hank Chinaski

    People are the worst.

  • dcd

    How do they know the number, race and gender of the thieves?

    • BW

      Come ooooonn 🙂

  • Stevie

    It sounds like the owners where home when the kids broke in. If 7 teenagers break into your house while you’re home, there’s not much you can do about it that won’t end in ugly, ugly violence. How terrifying. I hope you get your dog back, and that you’re able to feel safe in your home again.

    captcha: FML2

    • anon

      I don’t think they were home, they gave a 2 hour time range. If they were there, they would know exactly what time it was.

      So the question still stands, how do they know so many details about the people if they weren’t there.

      • dogfinder

        a neighors security camera caught a glimpse of the kids

  • shaw_guy

    I hope you get your dog back too. And that they catch these seven thugs, cut off one of their arms each, grind up the arms, and let you use it to feed your three pups a tasty thanksgiving treat… If I spot him, I’ll call!!

    • julie

      dude, that’s kind of dark.

      • anonymous

        I’m with shaw_guy on that

  • Tom

    This is just awful. The people who did this are animals.

  • U Street V

    I’m no detective (just a fan of Law and Order), but maybe the police could contact the local high school and see if a bunch of ‘hoods, I assume they are friends, were playing hookie that afternoon.
    This is really awful, I’m sorry. I believe in karma – they will all come back as cockroaches in their next lives.

    • anon

      That would be a few hundred playing hookie.on any given day.

  • ebgb

    Why would anybody steal a dog?

    • Frown

      I’m hoping for an adorable pet and not for bait.

    • no one of consequence

      worse case scenario: dog fight bait

      • ebgb

        that is just awful!

      • Anonymous

        No no no!!!!!!

      • The Heights

        Drop the hysterics – people aren’t stealing dogs to use as dogfighting bait. Hopefully, the owner will get the dog back safe and sound right away and these kids will be punished (fat chance).

    • ET

      Give to his mom or girlfriend?

  • dogfinder

    the neighbor had a video camera and they caught the 7 teenagers on tape enough to see that there were 7 of them with DC high school uniforms on

    • dogfinder

      a security camera

    • Elza

      Then they should definitely contact the school (or likely schools)! Hopefully the students can be identified.

    • anon

      OK, if that is the case then simply printing stills off the video and taking them to the closest highschool should do it. If the police haven’t already done it, have the OP do it and go see the principal.

      I am a little shocked that this was 2 weeks ago and no one thought of going to the nearest school. They were in school uniforms and if someone didn’t recognize them then there should atleast be records of 7 absent teens all gone simultaneously.

      • anon

        In DCPS, it is super likely that there were way more than 7 teens absent that afternoon.

      • Rick

        Sounds logical. Maybe track it against students absent who also took a bus/metro nearest this place at that time. That ought to pin point it.

        Are the DCPS farecards tracked like the smartrips are?

  • anon

    What did the thieves do in their initial unsuccessful attempt to steal the dog? (The post said: “The first attempt we prevented less than a month prior.”)

  • niceneighbor

    The video was taken from a surveillance camera across the st so the quality of the images is likely poor and all that was determined was there were 7, one with long hair and they were wearing khaki’s and white shirt (DC public schools)

    Not sure about the first attempt to steal him, possibly an unsuccessful break in prior to this.

  • niceneighbor

    we suspect the students attend Thurgood Marshall High School on MLK or Ballou High School on 4th Street SE.

  • wtfffff

    Horrible. WTF wrong with these muthaf*ers???

  • MK

    I’m sorry to harp on details but it’s important. How exactly did they gain entry? Did they kick the door in or pry bars from windows, etc? Were the other two dogs that were ignored small like the Pomeranian?

    • Kaylee

      Why is it important?

      • Anonymous

        it’s good to know a thief’s MO.

        • There are only so many ways it would be possible. Not like they morphed through the wall.

          This is disgusting… I like the think the little dog was an after thought and the thought was to love it, not sell it. Teenagers and criminals just aren’t that smart.

          If not, these are some sick out of control creatures.

  • Keepin’ it real

    I hope that they find the criminals and they are punished according to dc law (ie. released to their mamas and given a slap on the wrist, thanks, jack Evans).

  • Anon


  • RH

    We have a female teacup pom and our hearts just ache for you. Hope you are re-united soon.

  • Jw

    What did the police say?

  • Oats

    This breaks my heart. I can’t imagine how painful this must be. From one dog owner to another, I hope you get your pup home safely soon.

  • kdogdc

    “We believe we were targeted.” Why?

    @Keepin’ it real: How is a lack of punishment Jack Evans’ fault?

  • BW

    I think I saw this on Fox 5 or whatever. I was like….THIS is NEWS!?

    Don’t get me wrong I feel bad, but it’s hardly news.


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