Three Little Pigs, Charcuterie & Salumi, Coming to Petworth!

by Prince Of Petworth October 3, 2011 at 4:33 am 57 Comments

Holy lord – this could be very very awesome. Their Web site simply says:

“Future home of something quite cool”

But a little digging around reveals some seriously sweet info:

“The Charcuterie industry is one that is highly underrepresented. Even the term “charcuterie” is a name foreign to most people in this country. However, there are many familiar foods that fall into the category of charcuterie that many people crave, love, and have grown up with. If you like bacon, sausage, smoked salmon, or even holiday ham, you are a fan of charcuterie.

The term Salumi is a bit more familiar. Even if you haven’t heard the word until now, you have probably already realized that it sounds a lot like ‘salami’. Made famous by the Italians, the art of Salumi represents years of tradition and recipes passed down from generation to generation among family members. What makes salumi unique, is the curing process followed by months, and in some cases, even years of dry aging. It is this lengthy process that gives products like prosciutto, salami, and Spanish chorizo their incredibly complex flavor and aroma.

People are looking for bacon that exceeds the standards set by commercial producers, hotdogs that do not contain cow lips and pig snouts, or BBQ ribs that are not made from diseased pigs raised in inhumane conditions.

The people of Washington D.C. deserve high quality at a fair price, and we are going to give it to them. Everything comes from local farms and is made in house.”

Holy freaking awesome!!!

Three Little Pigs will be located at 5111 Georgia Ave, NW (next to the Petworth Fire Station.)

They hope to be “up and running by November.”


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