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  • No dog in this fight

    “Be Good. Do Good” WTF??? How about shut the F up and just feed me without preaching? (I actually am good and do do good, but this just makes me snarl. . . )

  • Rome Has lousy pizza

    I despise those who write “Eye”. It’s not Eye Street, it is I Street.

    No one times “Kay” street, or “Emmm” Street – if you cannot pronouce the letter, you should gtfo.

    And yes, I understand the style guides about “confusion with Roman numerals” – doesn’t seem to bother anyone about M Street, now does it? And it’s not Que Street either.

    • Anonymous

      bah. it’s been written that way since before you were born. get over it.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Take a breath fella – it’s so as not to confuse it with a lower case l. Lord of all the things to get upset about. The leaves are starting to change colors and look really nice – have a smile, yeah?

      • Maybe you should def. let people know what your style guide is about Eye Street, yeah? ;)

      • Rome

        Oooh PoP you can write however your style guide says to.
        But I can still think it’s stupid, as thre are no street signs in lower case.

        I guess I shoulda saved that for tomorrow’s rant. Maybe Mr. Goph can do a curmudgeon report.

        Have a smile back at ya.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Hahaha, sounds like a plan. As for a style guide – unfortunately I can assure you and IMGoph that there will be no consistency on this rule or any others. I just liked the way it looked in the title.

        • Anonymous

          whatsa stye guide?

        • none

          When Dc was being build 200 years ago the letters I and J look to muck a like so they use EYE for the street. Learn your history.

          • Anonymous

            I thought there was no J street for that reason.

    • Anonymous

      it looks like a lower case L, so people say “Eye” street. it’s been that way for years. it’s a DC thing, like illegal U turns… go with it….

      • anon


        Per Wikipedia:

        Important to note, there is no J Street in any quadrant. This is because, until the mid-nineteenth century, the letters “I” and “J” were indistinguishable when written.[10] Following that same idea, “I” Street is often written as “Eye” Street, to distinguish it from the letter “L” and the numeral “1”, and “Q” Street, is often written “Que,” “Cue,” or “Queue.”

    • Eric

      As someone who lives on Eye St, I can tell you that mail makes it to me much more frequently when I write it that way.

  • ForTheShorties

    I’m ready to Nom up all over some BonMi. Sad times to see Juice Zone go though! Eye have to get back to work now, but thanks for posting!

  • 11th

    definitely want to see the menu and hoping for some pate options.


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