Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Vileinist

“Dear PoPville,

I own a home in DC and am lucky enough to have a two-car garage along with it that backs on to an alley. This garage also has a “loft” storage area with internal access that has 4-5ft. ceilings. Recently, I’ve been considering the feasibility of converting this space into something I could actually use for more than just Christmas decorations, such as an office or perhaps even an apartment. This would entail building up the height of the garage another 3-4ft and finishing the space.

Has anyone ever done something like this before? How hard was it? How much did it cost? What types of permits/approvals would I need to get?

Potentially relevant information: In the Capitol Hill Historic District, the garage is wired for electricity but not for plumbing, it’s between 500-600 sq ft, and I’d like the entrance to be on the alley.”


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