Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user nairdaecartal

“Dear PoPville,

I signed a one year lease a few months ago for a basement apartment. I was moving from out of state and didn’t know too much about the different neighborhoods. I feel as though I have bitten off a bit more of the city life than I can chew and now I want to get out. There was a murder less than 50 yards from me recently, gun shots on a semi-regular basis, weekly robberies, and daily blatant drug deals. I am a single female and I live alone. In order to protect my safety, I often decline invitations to go out with friends at night simply because I am too scared to come home late at night alone. I know many of your readers will simply tell me every variation of “just suck it up” but, I really would like some advice on how, or even if, I can some how get out of this lease.”

I’m very sorry to hear of this situation. Sounds terrible. Unfortunately the only way to get out of your lease is to perhaps find a sub let (find someone to replace you), forfeit your deposit, or possibly talk to your landlord and explain your situation to see if there are any compromises that can be worked out. Any other advice on getting out of a lease?


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