Bistro 18 to Become Jamaican Joe’s in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth October 11, 2011 at 10:30 am 21 Comments

Photo courtesy of PoPville twitter follower @Lebodome

Bistro 18 was located at 2420 18th Street NW. We judged them to mixed reviews back in May ’11.

Some may recognize the name Jamaican Joe’s, as they recently opened another location at 928 U St, NW. Not to be juvenile but this is the restaurant with the interesting tagline – Wanna get jerked? (Their Website URL under construction is www.igotjerked.com)

Anyone try the chicken yet?

  • Michael

    wow, that was quick

  • DC Chillin

    Bistro 18 was disappointing at best. Hopefully this place does better.

    • S

      +1. They pretty much sucked.

  • Anonymous

    18th Street location not open yet. They said October 18th.

  • Anonymous

    The 18th Street location is not open yet. They said hopefully by October 18th.

  • Anonymous

    how can you open a diner across from the diner and get it so wrong? all you had to do was copy the diner’s business model… how do these people get loans to start these boondoggles?

  • Kalorini

    I walked by Bisto 18 over the weekend to see it completely stripped down. Their food was god awful, but their bartenders did have a heavy pour (and I was looking for a good martini close to home).

    Funny enough, The Diner makes a GREAT dirty martini! (…and the new Toledo Lounge? Told us flat out they couldn’t make one. Can’t wait for that place to close up shop).

    • Jim

      What a shame about the Toledo Lounge. The new owners should’ve left the place alone and it would be thriving instead of failing.

      • The Real Jason

        I wholeheartedly agree. They totally shot themselves in the foot by removing everything remotely endearing about the original Toledo. If they shutter, they have no one to blame but themselves.

        • Gene

          I don’t think Toledo is going out of business. They seem to be doing pretty well, actually. You guys just like to to be haters. Ever try being positive? It’s much more fun.

          • The Real Jason

            Doing pretty well eh? Are you tallying the receipts? Having an opinion is not “hating”, unless you’re 13. Its pretty apparent from Yelp and using my own two eyes that its not exactly a smash hit in it’s new incarnation.

          • Kalorini

            Agreed, Real Jason – every time I walk by, its dead.

            It isn’t “hating”–its reality. The new place is terrible.

          • Gene

            You guys just don’t understand the bar business in Adams Morgan. My friend works there (got a job in law enforcement last week, so she’ll be leaving in a couple of days), and they really are doing fine.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t tried the chicken but did stop in one day for an order of plantains which were exceptionally good (even for this Miami transplant). Folks were super friendly but it was shortly after they’d opened and the logistics of the operation needed a little help. I suspect those kinks have been worked out by now, just in time for round 2.

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been to the U Street location a couple of times now: pretty darn good! half chicken w/ 2 sides for like $9 i think, and the sweet potato fries are great.

  • Frenchie

    I’m not very familiar with Jerk Chicken in general, nor have I ever eaten what some might call “authentic Jamaican food.” With that said, I have eaten at the U Street location a few times now, and will continue to return until they close because their chicken tastes great! I love the spices they use, how juicy the chicken turns out, and the plantains are incredible!

    Only complaint was the Festival. Still don’t know what it is or what it’s supposed to be(bread?), but it just wasn’t for me or my friends. The salad also wasn’t the greatest. All it did was make me long for more chicken, which is without-a-doubt the main attraction here.

    • its usually Coca Bread at the Jamaican spots

  • Jay

    “Festival” is just basically the Jamaican version of hush puppies. Cornmeal, egg, milk and maybe some onions and spices. Nothing fancy. I’ve been to at least two high end places recently serving them up like delicacies or something.

  • The Other Jason

    I walked into Jamaican Joe’s last night (thinking they were open). Very nice people. Soft opening is this Friday the 14th. They said tons of people had been stopping by asking about their Bistro 18 groupon. “Joe” even said he’d honor it just to get me to come try their jerk chicken and waffles brunch. I told him I’d just get my money back from groupon…but would come in for brunch for sure!

    Oh, and new Toledo sucks!

  • Ess Street Blues

    I returned to Jamaican Joe’s tonight after having a rather unspectacular late night sandwich from there a few weeks ago. I wasn’t terrible from a taste standpoint….just verrrrrrrry thinly sliced chicken on comparatively thick coco bread. Though the plentiful coco bread was fresh (as was the lettuce, tomato and…the unadvertised mayo….at least i didn’t see it on the menu) the experience overall just missed my expectations by about 17 miles. Then, after getting a strong recommendation from a Jamaican national (to whom I did not recount my previous experience), I returned tonight for the 1/2 chicken. It…was….BRILLIANT! I also had a fresh salad and because they were out of rice and peas (really?!) I had to double down and get the cabbage (which was pretty tasty). But the chicken….the chicken was so good that it reminded me of back in the day when the other local Jamaican carryouts actually cared.

    Get to JJ’s ASAP!

  • Friday night – OCTOBER 14th is their grand opening, and members of the DC band LUCKY DUB are going to be holding it down for their big first night. Come out and get down.
    – check out the guys at http://www.luckydub.com


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