Washington, DC

From their Web site:

For many years, Ms. JinJu Lee and her family have resided in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, having immigrated from Seoul, Korea, and she always wanted to start an Asian restaurant. She always thought a city like Washington D.C. that prides itself as the Nation’s Capital, with its diverse fine cuisine, deserved authentic gourmet Korean and other Asian food at a reasonable price. During her recent trip to the West Coast, Ms. Lee found the perfect inspiration (Chef Roy Choi’s – Kogi BBQ) and platform (mobile gourmet trucks) to showcase her family’s secret recipes. These modern trucks are versatile and will provide the broad Washington D.C. community with access to great Asian food. Hence the idea for “AZNeats” was born.

AZNeats Vision

The AZNeats truck is a roaming Washington D.C. food Sense-AZN that serves up gourmet food that is sure to be a Tempt-AZN for your AZN cravings. The fusion of Asian flavors with our boneless beef AZN Kalbi (short ribs) has finally arrived! Imagine a fresh, never frozen, 100% premium boneless short ribs marinated in the sweet, succulent flavors of Korean BBQ (No MSG), cooked to perfection or our AZN Spicy Pork Bulgogi which will take your taste buds to a new level of WOW …”

You can see their menus here and find their location on twitter here.


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