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  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Da hell kinda name…

    • Anonymous

      The owner’s last name.

  • Bloomingdude

    I’m Da jealous. German, Cajun, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, pies and now seafood. H Street is going to have one of widest arrays of food fare in the city.

    • ToCareNotTo

      Ethiopian, English pub, Jewish deli, irish pub & standard american pub food as well.

      Now when one will open before 5 pm on a weekday …

      • Bloomingdude

        Anyone have any thouhts on why H Street is getting such a range of places and other areas, like Shaw, lower GA Avenue and Bloomingdale, are struggling to attract non-pizza and cheap Chinese? Is it the proximity to Capitol Hill or the coming trolley? I don’t understand why Shaw isn’t getting better restaurants more quickly, given the pent-up demand. I went to Beau Thai a few nights ago and the take-out line was out the freakin’ door.

        Jewish Deli, BBQ, Vietnamese… come to Shaw!

        • Chris

          My guess is because H Street is so far removed from anywhere else. People in Shaw can walk 15-20 min to U Street, Logan, Mt Vernon Triangle, PQ.

          • SOUP

            I am assuming it has to do with prices for rent. These seem like places that might not have the funds to get started this side of town.

        • SF

          There are many reasons, low rent included, but H has a buzz about it that GA Avenue and Bloomingdale don’t. The trolley haters gonna hate, but that infrastructure development has already had a large influence.

          For whatever reason, there’s also a lot, a lot, a LOT of foot traffic on H Street every day. Many people on H don’t have a metro to rely on, and there’s a great walking culture that can support upstart restaurants like these.

          • Whoa_now

            I’d bet that rent is actually higher on H Street. I think it has to do with H Street already being established “going out” place. Plenty of restaurants/bars that after 5 are filled every night. Interested new business owners aren’t taking much of a risk to open in a district that is already established and under capacity (try getting a table at most spots on any night)…where as GA Avenue and Bloomingdale don’t have established nightlife. Sure the density is high in those areas but from the prospective of new business owners why open a place in Bloom/GA ave that is already close to an established “going out” area.

          • Chris

            When are you walking that you see all this good traffic. Everytime I walk down the street it always seems pretty barren. A few people walking in and out of places and some people hanging out. But, in general not what I would considered to really be a steady flow of foot traffic like you would see around Eastern Market, U Street, etc.

          • Chris

            good traffic = foot traffic

  • andy

    Grand opening should have 99 da luftballons.

    • textdoc


  • RegO

    Cool, but I was thinking this space would be retail. Oh well.

  • The trolley haters gonna hate, but that infrastructure development has already had a large influence.


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