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Shaw’s Giant Closing Sept. 8th – Time to get Excited about the CityMarketatO Project

by Prince Of Petworth August 12, 2011 at 10:30 am 49 Comments

Rendering via Roadside development

Thanks to all for sharing this big development. ANC rep Rachelle Nigro wrote yesterday:

“This afternoon I received information from Giant’s District manger that the Giant will be closing on September 8th. The pharmacy will close on August 22nd and the prescriptions will be transferred to the Safeway on L St. They are working on a shuttle bus schedule to the Giant on 14th and Park Rd.”

For those who haven’t been following these developments – it is part of the City Market at O project. You can learn about CityMarketatO here and here:

“Construction is slated to commence in February 2011 with the preservation and securing of the historic market structure. This will be succeeded in late Summer 2011 with the closing of the Giant Food storeand the razing of the grocery store and excavation of the site. The Giant will reopen in late summer 2013 with the 181-room limited service hotel and 400 units of market rate rental housing opening in early fall 2013. Completing the project, the 84-unit affordable senior housing building and 145-unit condominium will be delivered n fall 2014”

  • Uhm, exciting news, but the Giant on Park Road in Columbia Heights is already overwhelmed with customers. The lines are legendarily long. If they’re planning to bring in additional shoppers from outside the area via shuttle bus, Giant is going to have to step up their game, increase the number of registers open, and streamline their checkout procedures. Last time I was there the lines snaked back into the aisles. I asked a manager if they could open more registers and they said no, and I went up to the customer service desk and they didn’t seem to care, either.

    • RD

      it’s really unbelievable. with all the customers they have, how can they not afford to open up more registers at peak times? how do they not realize that they would have even more customers, but we drive elsewhere not to deal with their BS?

    • AB


      I always stand in line. I also went one day and they didn’t have zucchini. Really? How can you be out of zucchini?

    • KT

      I’ve been there numerous times when *all* the registers were open and the lines *still* snacked down the isles.

    • Anonymous

      EVERY grocery store, including the ones I used to go to out in Fairfax County, have lines that snake down the aisles. I guess there’s little incentive to hire more cashiers. CVS is just as bad ith that.

      • BW

        There’s a difference. Lines snake around in most places because they are just popular. This one is popular and the a-holes checking you out would rather talk to their friends then move one bit faster. Bottom line they are the worst I have ever seen. It might still be slow but I wouldn’t be as upset if they were at least attempting to go fast.

    • DCster

      Yeah, if most of these shoppers switch to the Park Road Giant, I truly hope that Giant also brings over their cashiers to that location to work the stations that are often unoccupied on weeknights. But maybe some of the shoppers will go to Sexy Safeway instead (one can always hope!)

      • Anonymous

        Ha! You’ve never met the cashiers from the Shaw Giant.

    • Vinnie

      I agree, the Giant on Park Road, NW in Ward 1 is overwhelmed. I was in there last night and it was packed, on a Thursday. It’s seem to be always crowded in the Park Road, NW Giant.

  • Aardvark

    That Giant is the biggest clusterfuck I have ever seen.

    • +100,000. That Giant is a panic attack wrapped in a riot burrito. I can’t stand it. They’re always out of stuff, too. It’s like a Soviet food stand in there.

      • Nile


        • BS

          Yes, but supremely awesome hyperbole!

    • Developer

      Uhh..have you been to the whole foods at prime time?? Their line goes all the way to the back of the store!

      Wish these grocers would take note at the insane demand east of connecticut ave…

  • Bloomingdude

    OMG! OMG! OMG! This is the best thing to happen to me since I found my dad’s Hustler mags in the basement when I was 14.

    Although, I won’t believe it until I see something being built.

  • Eckingtonite

    If they plan on closing September 8, then they better let the last customer get in line on September 6. There has never been such a thing as “running into the Shaw Giant for a quick [whatever].” Worst grocery ever.

    • ShawShank


    • Aardvark


  • amethystdeceiver

    Guys, wait. You do realize that this is the ONLY place in DC that sells beer til Midnight right? Awful news.

    • J

      Oh crap. No Budweiser…

    • Anon

      Plan ahead? Buy more?

    • Anonymous

      You mean you don’t homebrew?

      • AB

        bahahahahaha. What a trendy statement.

        • Anonymous

          sarcasm is trendy?

    • jm

      the sexy safeway @ 5th & L will let it slide… if you’re hot enough.

    • DrewPal

      yeah, JM is right. just go to safeway for a midnight brew

      • amethystdeceiver

        for real?

  • Anony

    Yay for Shaw!

    Does anyone know what happened (or will happen) with Lincoln-Westmoreland? I seem to remember that the management isn’t renewing its Section 8 contract?

    If that’s true and the O Street Market takes off, Shaw could be in for some really good times.

  • CAS

    I hate this Giant more than almost anything… but I can only imagine what Safeway lines are going to be like now.

    • Lala


  • Shaw Parent


  • Amber

    People still go to the grocery store? I thought that’s what WashingtonsGreenGrocer and Peapod existed for.

  • JustMe

    Really? I’m supposed to be excited that my only nearby full-sized grocery store is going to be closed for 2 years?

    • Anon

      Noma harris teeter, city vista safeway, home depot giant…

      • teej

        home depot giant? city vista safeway? uh, yeah, not close if you don’t have a car.

        • Anon

          Then get a car or get an internet connection and order online. Why do people act so helpless? You dont need to have a grocery store within walking distance. The last time I had a grocery store within walking distance and I didnt have a car, it was a huge pain in the ass to go and buy a limit of 30-40 lbs of groceries each time. I usually just ordered delivery, it will cost you maybe 5 bucks each time.

          • Anonymous

            Most of America (including most of the DC suburbs) have grocery stores that no one can reasonably walk to. Sometimes we lose sight of how good we have it here. If you’re near a station I don’t think taking the metro to a grocery store on occasion would be that bad.

          • Anonymous

            Or start a carpool. Or get a zipcar membership or a bike with big baskets. You have options. It does rub me the wrong way when people who don’t want to pay for a car expect everything to be super-convenient.

  • PCat

    I, for one, am very sorry that the Giant is closing. I’m not sure that the O St Market project will ever really start and am sure that it will take years and years to finish. I’m lucky; I have a car and can drive to the Social Safeway or the Giant on RI Avenue, but I’ve been shopping at O St since I moved to Logan Circle 20 years ago and will be sorry to see it go. I hope that all the folks who work there will remain employed — and that if we ever see a grocery there again, they will come back.

    • Emily who lives a block away

      COMPLETELY AGREE. I hesitate to even feign excitement because so so so many of my neighbors will not have an affordable place to shop for the next 2+ years. I cannot believe the lack of negative attention this closing has gotten.

  • elro

    ARGH! I just started renting an apartment right there on the nice side of “O” St at 9th! Now I know why the rent was so cheap…it’s going to be a construction site for years :(

    • yes

      just wait… i have been living in this area for a long time as a renter and can tell you my rent has dramatically increased, especially over the past 4 years, due to this development. i hope you have a good and long lease because once this place goes up, the gentrified will be swarming in from the whole foods to shop at this place

  • Bloomingdude

    Doh! So the “market” part of O Street Market is simply going to be a Giant in that reconstructed building? I was thinking it would be an Eastern Market-type thing. I’m still happy they’re going to do this, but it’s not the small vendor, gentrification-that-people-love-to-hate I was hoping for. Still good, though. For the most part.

  • jt$

    I wish the best for this development and for Shaw to improve but as long as the crime magnet apartment buildings exist around 7th, 8th, N and O, I’m afraid the neighborhood will remain at it’s current quality level of questionable to walk alone in.

  • New London Boy

    Hooray! I am so glad that Giant is finally being razed to the ground. I swore when the City Vista Safeway opened that I would never again buy so much of a loaf of bread in that Giant. It is a poorly managed bunghole of a store where Giant dumps the gone-by produce that it could never get away with selling in its sparkling new suburban stores. Giant hould be ashamed of itself, but because it knew that it had a captive low-income market in that neighborhood nothing ever changed. It will be great to see that place pulled down.

  • Cashier

    We’re actually closing September 7…

  • Anonymous

    out of curiosity, how many of you shop at just one grocery store?

  • Anonymous

    They’re seriously putting a hotel there? I doubt many tourists will want to stay in that location.

    • CA

      Ha, that’s what they said about the hotels in Chinatown 7 years ago.


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