Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From and email titled, “Shaw Community Takedown” by Chief Cathy Lanier:

“I would like to commend the MPD officers and FBI agents involved in a highly successful joint operation in taking down a drug ring. As a result of a three-year investigation, 17 people were arrested and 1/2 of kilogram of cocaine, 1/4 of kilogram of crack cocaine, 1 lb of marijuana, over $600,000 in cash and a variety of weapons and vehicles were seized.

Because of our continued focus in the Shaw community, we have seen a dramatic reduction in violent crime. These arrests are an example of the efforts of law enforcement working together to make our communities safer.”

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And this description from MPD made me a bit dizzy but great to hear an arrest was made:

“On August 5, 2011 around 10:45am the Complainant (C-1) reports to MPD that on the listed date and time he was walking eastbound in the 1400 Block of Florida Ave. C-1 reports that without warning he was tackled to the ground from behind by a suspect (S-1). S-1 assaulted C-1 and grabbed the listed items from C-1’s grasp. A witness (W-1) was standing nearby and observed the attack. W-1 also observed an additional suspect (S-2) standing next to S-1. W-1 stated that three additional suspects (S-3, S-4, S-5) were standing across the street watching the attack. After S-1 took the listed items from C-1 all of the suspects fled the scene on foot. C-1 and W-1 gave chase and caught up to the suspect’s in the rear alley of the 1300 Block of V St. NW. As C-1 caught up to S-1, C-1 pushed S-1 in an attempt to stop him. S-1 fell. C-1 and W-1 report that S-1 turned toward C-1 and put his fists up and stood in a fighting stance. C-1 yelled to S-1 to drop C-1’s property (bag). S-1 dropped C-1’s property and fled southbound toward the 1300 Block of U St. NW. C-1 recovered his property and returned to work. MPD responded to the scene but could not locate or contact C-1 to file a report. Later as C-1 was walking in the 1400 Block of U St. NW and observed S-1 standing at the location. C-1 flagged down an MPD Officer and advised the officer that S-1 had robbed him earlier in the day. The officer attempted to make contact with S-1. S-1 immediately fled on foot. S-1 was later stopped in the 1900 Block of 13th St. NW. C-1 positively identified S-1 as the person who assaulted and robbed him earlier in the day. S-1 was arrested.”


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