Washington, DC

Photo courtesy of PoPville twitter follower @SplitPDC

“Dear PoP,

On my walk home tonight there were a ton of police officers, fire trucks, and ambulances all over the place. The roads were barricaded off and they weren’t letting people down Euclid St, Mozart St, 17th St, and Fuller St. One police officer told me that it was barricaded because someone was threatening to hurt themselves and other people. Do you have any idea what was going on? Or if the situation was resolved?”

I try to cover incidents like this, as info becomes available, on twitter @PoPville here. At first all we heard was that there was some type of barricade situation going on. Following is the official word from MPD:

“We received a call to assist The Dept of Health and Human Services and there were threats made to one of the workers.

All ended well and no arrests at this time.”


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