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Gelato Coming to the Corner of Potomac and Pennsylvania Ave, SE (Previously Planned for Annie and Teddy’s)

by Prince Of Petworth August 25, 2011 at 11:30 am 25 Comments

Back in March ’11 we learned that Annie and Teddy’s was no longer coming to the corner of Potomac and Pennsylvania Ave, SE (by the Potomac Ave metro.) I’m happy to finally be able to share news that space has been leased. It is going to become a Gelato shop. I don’t have many details yet but I know the plans are ambitious and will likely include more options that just Gelato eventually. But in the meantime – Gelato is on the way.

I have an email into the owners and hope to share more details soon. For those that live nearby – do you like the addition of a Gelato spot here? I believe if all goes well they hope to open in September.

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  • Anonymous

    as some one who lives nearby, what a complete an total waste of space. Seriously? A gelato shop, first of all there is already one on the corner of 7th and Penn. Also, there is a frozen yogurt spot on Barracks Row.

    High density in the gelato market is not something any one needs.

    • Eastern Market

      7th and Penn is pretty far. Someone who lives over here is unlikely to walk 30 minutes each way for a casual gelato fix.

      • ET

        True but considering the location, the draw for this sort of stops at the river one one side and runs up against those closer to Eastern Market, so I just don’t know how long it would last with such a limited menu. Seems if they could figure out how to do that and something else that melds well they might provide broaden their base.

      • Anonymous

        I suppose if it is taking you 30 minutes to walk the 7 blocks up Penn, you’ve probably had too much Gelato already.

        Oops, did I just violate the new dictatorial comment policy.

        • Eastern Market

          I recommend you try the walk before you comment. And for the record I’m around 110 lbs and eat gelato maybe once a year.

      • Anonymous

        It’s 15 minutes, tops. I do it all the time.

        • Eastern Market

          I work down by Potomac Ave and used to do this walk every day before I started biking. It takes 25 minutes. And I’m a fast walker.

    • Mike

      I’m trying to think of a type of food that would come in to the space that isn’t already covered in Eastern Market and/or Barracks and am drawing a blank. Maybe a deli? Retail is sparse I suppose, but this place was always going to be a restaurant type venue.

      This space really isn’t that close to 7th and Penn anyway….about a mile away. I think they’re probably trying to appeal to a different audience than those at Eastern Market.

  • Alex


  • What sort of demand is there for gelato when the weather gets cold? How about a year-round business, like a self-service abbatoir?

    • Rukasu

      Pitango is still around

  • Potomac + Penn

    Gelato could work well here while its still warm. Im intrigued by “the plans are ambitious and will likely include more options that just Gelato eventually.” Perhaps that means gelato + coffee/café? That would be fantastic……

  • fz

    I don’t want to hear any gelato news other than a gelato place opening in Petworth.

  • DC

    Random thoughts: Maybe this will attract other businesses to that little strip? Mom and pop ice cream shop would do much better than a gelato shop.. Specializing in hot chocolates/hot toddys might help with seasonality. Or they could rent their space out to sell tacos/tamales like Philly Water Ice Factory did?

  • Nicoli

    Would have much preferred a sandwich shop/cafe.

    On a related note, we need another bar next to Trusty’s given that it is packed on a regular basis, and Wisdom is too pricey for a regular hang out spot. Is there any news about the empty building there at 15th and Pennsylvania?

  • Anonymous

    “The plans are ambitious and will likely include more options that just Gelato eventually.

    Patisserie?! I think pastries would go great with gelato.

  • Denise

    As a new resident near the Potomac Avenue metro stop, this is exciting news to me. I will be a frequent visitor, even when the weather gets chilly. The more nearby options, the better!

  • Mike H

    What happened to Annie and Teddy’s? I was really looking forward to that opening seeing how it’s only 3 blocks from my house. Gelato will be nice in the summer but agree with the other commenteers, we might as well have another cupcake shop (kidding). Would have much preferred a decent neighborhood dining option in which Annie and Teddy’s sounded like it would be.

  • SE

    A galleria/cafe that has a good atmosphere and serves dinner, apps, drinks, dessert and gelato would be a nice addition! Just sayin’!

  • AQ

    I live nearby and while I am happy something is finally going in here, I am disappointed it’s a gelato place. This neighborhood could use a good cafe, lunch, dinner, and/or deli (especially since Mangialardo’s is not open nights and weekends). If it’s like Pitango in Eastern Market, then that’s just not in the budget. Hopefully they’ll serve other food/beverage items.

  • Rukasu

    Dis-a-point-ing…but hey, it’s a guaranteed money-maker these days

    Also, what happened to that crepe shop that was supposed to open near there?

    • Eric K

      The crepe place at 15th and C SE (Crepes on the Corner) has been doing the build-out for the last few weeks. They look to be pretty close to opening.

      As far as niche food places (gelato vs. crepes), I’d prefer the crepes because they are supposed to have coffee and salads as well.

  • sp

    its definitely exciting to hear that something is opening there that does not involve check cashing or singles sales. and a gelato place (if its good) will be nice to have nearby. seriously, anything that doesn’t suck in general will be nice to have nearby.

    however, i fully agree that its not really a cold-weather item and is pretty limited in scope, and strongly urge the owners to continue on their idea to expand to other items. this is a great opportunity in a area that could really use it, and if done well, a cafe/coffee shop/etc would be packed all the time.

  • Belly Up

    This is completely limited in imagination and scope. Can’t we just disassemble the Hawk and Dove and bring it over? Weak sauce.

  • Anonymous

    They should try to do something similar to Dolce Vita in Austin’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Gelato, coffee, beer/cocktails and small plates/sandwiches. GREAT neighborhood place.


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