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  • hohoho

    Take that, Giant!

  • I think Giant in Columbia Heights is the only other 24-hour grocer in D.C.?

    • Idaho Ave

      Safeway on Wisconsin is 24 hours. (so is the starbucks inside 😀 )

  • The Real Jason

    At 3am, the wait at the Col. Heights Giant is only 45 minutes as opposed to an hour.

    • petvet


  • JL

    The Giant in Shaw says it is open 24 hours, but it’s not really the case.

  • Brookland Rez

    Must be in response to the Giant at 7th St closing.

    • Archer

      Meh. Moot point. The only thing I need after midnight from a store is booze.

      • Archer

        Don’t know why that was a reply to you, BR.

      • Bucks

        They have beer and wine. Not hard liquor but it’s something.

        • pooo pooo!

          i don’t think you can buy any kind of alcohol after midnight in dc (from a grocery store).

  • Sammy

    Do folks like the City Vista Safeway? I usually shop at the Shaw Giant, and am wondering what’s the best option when it closes… but I’ve definitely not been impressed with the other Safeways I’ve been to!

    • opal

      i like it. haven’t been to the shaw giant in about 10 years so i can’t really compare them.

    • jm

      the sexy safeway is a good grocery store, way better than the giant, but it is markedly more expensive. depending on where you’re at, the 1st & M NE harris teeter is definitely the best option in that general area I think.

    • Anon

      No, I hate it. Imagine the produce of a corner store mixed with the friendliness of a hungry grizzly.

      Much prefer Harris Teeter.

      • Brookland Rez

        I agree. Harris Teeter is the best grocery option in the area by far. That’s where I do most of my shopping.

        • Nick

          TPSS co-op in Takoma Park is better. The food is higher quality, the bulk isle is far better than Whole Foods or anywhere else I’ve been, and because it’s small and never has very long lines you can get in and out quickly. They can be that small because they don’t have all the crap that the big grocery stores have.

          • Nick

            actually i do like that harris teeter for their deli area but when I went in last week and asked where the pesto was nobody could help me. They didn’t even know what it was. I had to go to customer service for help. It took 20 minutes.

          • JL

            This is a major case of comparing apples and oranges. Not only is the TPSS Co-op at least a half hour’s drive from this neighborhood, but I’d guess there’s very little overlap in the products they carry. I’m sure it’s a great store, but your post is akin to interrupting a discussion on bars in Chinatown by saying “actually I really prefer this coffee shop in Rockville.”

          • Eric in Ledroit

            The Brattleboro Food Coop – http://www.brattleborofoodcoop.com – is a million times nicer than this Safeway OR TPSS. It’s really the only option getting good produce on the east coast.

  • grumpy

    The Social Safeway on Wisconsin is open 24 hours

  • Bloomingdude

    What’s the parking situation like at this place. The Harris-Teeter is easy to get in and out of.

    • RegO

      you can park in the garage below and get validation

  • RD

    This neighborhood can’t stand a 24 hour grocery-themed night club! Especially one that contains nearly a TENTH OF A MILLION products on the shelves. Neighborhood residents MUST STAND UP and fight this threat to our community.

    • Rhody

      Hahaha, awesome. These 24 hr grocery stores will turn this area into the next Adams Morgan!

  • I frequent City Vista Safeway, Shaw Giant, and the NoMA Harris Teeter, since they’re all about the same distance from me. The Shaw Giant generally has the best prices, but the selection is not always top notch (not terrible) and checking out there is always a hassle. Harris Teeter seems to have the worst prices, and they have the widest variety of goods, and excellent selection of higher end/boutique items. but meat, eggs, milk, cereal, and produce i feel like i’m always getting nickle and dimed there. Cita Vista Safeway is the moderate option.

    • Sully

      +1. Pretty much nailed it.

    • Anon

      There have been multiple years of Consumer Checkbook studies showing that if you shop at exclusively one of either safeway/giant/teeter consistently you will end up paying just about the same price over the year.

      • Grocery Guy

        This is true but they all do it a little differently. Harris Teeter doggedly plays the loss leader game – every week they have something at 99 cents or 1.99 that is usually twice that (if not higher) at Safeway and/or Giant. However, when things aren’t on sale at Teeter they are almost always more expensive there than anywhere else. $6.50 12 packs of soda, $2.50 red peppers (per pepper), etc. Giant seems to have less price slashing but across the board their prices are the best. Safeway splits the difference but occasionally has pretty good sales.

        Meat and Seafood are best at Teeter and it’s not particularly close. They have the best and biggest variety of produce too, but you pay for it. Safeway can be ok, but they don’t have the variety.

        Teeter is the fastest for checkout. Safeway can be a mess of Giant proportions to checkout on the weekends.

        There are hotter girls shopping at the Safeway.

        • Brookland Rez

          I agree. Produce, meats, deli are hands down superior at HT compared to Safeway and Giant. I tend to buy that stuff at HT, along with beer.

          I actually buy a lot of staples at Aldi. For things like chips, bread, etc. I’ve found their quality to be perfectly fine. I don’t generally buy produce at Aldi, I’ve always found it to be lacking. It will be nice to have one closer pretty soon.

  • ryan2499

    Are you allowed to buy wine and beer 24 hours there too? That store’s beer aisle is shared with dairy and other products to they can gate it off, and the wine section is really big and open and probably can’t be sealed off either.

    Wondering what the permits or laws are on that? Or does it not matter since they don’t sell liquor? Anyone know?

    • Anonymous

      dc law is no alcohol sales after 10 pm

      • CHSC

        I’ve bought wine at Whole Foods in Logan at 10:29 many times before their 10:30 close. I run for wine!

      • JL

        I know 10pm is the general rule, but I am almost 100% sure that Harris Teeter has a sign saying they sell beer/wine until 11 pm. Is it possible that there is an exception for grocery stores? Anyone know?

      • jm

        I thought that was the case until this sunday when I was at the CH giant (also 24 hrs btw) at 11:55 and they were just chaining off the beer but let a guy grab a case because it wasn’t 12 yet. they were very clear that he wasn’t allowed to buy it after midnight. I was confused but all for it.

    • antr

      Not sure if this applies now. But when I worked at a grocery store chain in VA in the late 90’s, the cash register wouldn’t allow any alcohol sales past 11:59pm. So it doesn’t matter if the stuff is roped off or not, there may be no way to purchase it.

    • ryan2499

      I just got a note from someone in a separate email. They can sell wine and beer when their on-site ABRA manager is on-duty, and the store will post signs in those areas with those hours, or in the hours that you cannot purchase wine/beer. But yes, no need to rope off. Thanks all.

  • Pennyworth

    i so want to live above that safeway! 24 hours snacks! and like 4 restaurants! #dream

  • Anon

    Well, as someone who tried to buy wine once before work…they can’t sell wine before 9 am. 🙂 I don’t know what hours they can’t sell between generally.

    • d

      The DC law is 9AM-10PM.

      • Idaho Ave

        BUT … it is VERY hard to find a liqour store open past 8pm I have found…The odd thing is, moving from VA, I thought DC’s laws would be less stringent. However, I find that I can never buy alcohol here as easily as Richmond.


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